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What's In Beyoncé's Renaissance Merch Mystery Box? There Are 4 Different Options

These $40 boxes are so worth it.

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The last time Beyoncé released a solo studio album was in 2016 with her iconic and Grammy-winning Lemonade. Honestly, it feels like centuries ago, but now, Queen Bey is back and coming out with a new album on July 29. While the hype is real, the singer announced Renaissance by posting a mystery box on her website for fans to purchase that begins shipping the date of the album release. With not much known about the album, fans are wondering what’s in Beyoncé’s Renaissance merch mystery box and if it has any clues as to what’s to come.

Long gone are the days when artists would just release an album by itself. With streaming what it is, artists have had to find new ways to get fans excited to actually purchase a physical CD. This has led to the age of epic album releases that include merch drops and mystery items, and there’s a lot of mystery surrounding Beyoncé’s Renaissance album. Sure, we’ve waited six years for a new Beyoncé album, but now knowing we’re a little over a month away has made the wait unbearable. Luckily, there’s the Beyoncé Renaissance merch mystery box to get us through in the meantime. The collectible Renaissance box is exclusive to her website and limited to only four per customer. Before you add to cart, though, you’ll want to know what you’ll be getting.

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What’s In Beyoncé’s Renaissance Merch Mystery Box?

There are actually four different Beyoncé Renaissance box sets to choose from. Each one comes with a collectible Renaissance box that is being promoted as part of the product, so you know it’s more than just a box. This specialty item comes with both the era and album title on the front of the box with some campaign graphics printed on the inside. This may be the perfect keepsakes box to store some Beyoncé memorabilia and ticket stubs from her concerts. Hopefully a new album means a tour is on its way too — fingers crossed.

Inside the box is where you’ll find the Renaissance album. The CD will come in a four panel softpak, which is environmentally-friendly, along with a 28-page photo booklet. 28 pages of Beyoncé photos? Yes, please! That’s not all, either. The album also comes with a collectible mini poster that you can hang up in your bedroom, dorm room, or over your WFH desk if you need some Beyoncé inspo while answering emails all day.

The final item in the Beyoncé Renaissance merch mystery box is the pose tee. This is where the four boxes vary. The artwork for each of the shirts will be released at a later date, so if you like to know what’s going in your closet, you may want to wait. However, you never know how quickly or if the Renaissance box sets will sell out. If you have to gamble on a Beyoncé tee, odds are it’s wardrobe-worthy. The product description does say each of the tees has Beyoncé in a pose with graphics on both the front and the back. The pose is what changes from box one to box four. The tee is also a unisex fit and sizes range from small to a 5XL, so it’s size inclusive as well. Would you expect anything less from Beyoncé?

How Much Is Beyoncé’s Renaissance Merch Mystery Box?

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If you’ve decided you need this, Beyoncé’s Renaissance box set is priced at $40. That’s not bad considering if you are a fan, you were planning on getting the album anyway. In addition to the album, you’re also getting a tee, poster, photo book, and collectible box as well. The shirt alone is worth it considering shirts at the Harry’s House pop-up were selling for $45 to $50, and shirts at the BTS Proof pop-up are $55.

Basically, if you’re part of the Bey Hive, the Beyoncé Renaissance merch mystery box is a great way to celebrate a new era of music that you’ve been waiting for a long time.