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What Is TikTok's April Theory? The Viral Trend Embraces Fresh Starts

The spring vibes are immaculate.

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You could easily argue that every season has its own vibe. When you think of spring, you think of a fresh start. It’s a time for deep cleaning, flowers blooming, and packing away all those extra layers for some warm weather staples. While spring technically starts at the end of March, April is when the season is in full swing. The idea of a new chapter beginning in the spring is exactly what TikTok’s “April theory” is all about.

The social media app is no stranger to viral manifestation theories and methods, like the “lucky girl syndrome,” which states that by manifesting luck into your life, good things will happen. While manifestations aren’t a necessary step in the April theory, the idea of your life getting infinitely better in the spring is at the basis of this viral trend. TikToker @gsgetlonelytoo breaks down the April theory, saying that this is the time of the year when things start to turn around and you may notice a positive change.

April is when many people are able to shake off the winter blues. It’s hard not to be in a better mood when it’s sunny SZN and your besties are looking fab in floral prints as you’re heading to an al fresco brunch, but how real is the April theory?

Is TikTok’s April Theory Real?


“There may be several reasons why people view April as a time for new beginnings and a fresh start,” Dr. Patrick Porter, neuroscience expert and founder of BrainTap, shares with Elite Daily. However, Dr. Porter says “there is currently no scientific research to confirm its validity.” What you might experience as a renewal can be attributed to “environmental factors, such as changes in daylight and temperature,” that can make you feel better. According to Dr. Porter, whether you actually experience TikTok’s April theory really depends on some “individual physiology, environment, and personal circumstances.”

Just like the lucky girl syndrome isn’t a magical quick fix, you aren’t going to feel better just because you changed the page on your calendar. You have to make some adjustments, and even then, you may not feel a difference. Dr. Porter does say that “weather can have a significant impact on people's moods and feelings towards the April theory.” If you’re someone who feels like crawling into bed when it’s rainy outside or like you’ve got it made when going for a walk in the sunshine, you’re most likely someone who is greatly affected by the weather.

You do have to get outside and enjoy it, though. Dr. Porter says that people who tend to stay inside and are home bodies can still feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) even in spring. So, take this as your sign to schedule in a hot girl walk at least once a day, especially if you’re someone who lives a WFH lifestyle. You could even use the April theory as an excuse to take a break and go on a coffee run to the cafe on the corner.

How To Adopt The April Theory In Your Life

On top of the sunny weather, the April theory may feel real because “there are several historical and cultural factors” that can lead people to believing spring is a time for new beginnings. Many religions celebrate rebirth in the spring, and even farmers start planting crops around April. With everyone talking about renewals, you may be more keen to notice any changes in your own life. Keeping a positive attitude during April can lead you to feeling better as well. Dr. Porter says, “Studies have shown that individuals who have a positive outlook and practice positive thinking are more likely to experience a range of physical and psychological benefits.” Along with your hot girl walk, you may want to start jotting down manifestations and journaling the good things that happen each day.

Dr. Porter shares other ways you can feel more motivated in April, like you’re starting a new chapter:

  • Set clear goals
  • Practice positive self-talk
  • Find a support system
  • Get moving
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Try something new

He shares that you can even use BrainTap to track your spring goals and find positive affirmations to adopt. You could even check off a few of these strategies all in one. For example, set a goal of exercising more outside with your besties this spring. By doing yoga in the park, you’re not only fulfilling an active goal, you’re also getting outside, spending time with your supportive BFFs, and trying something new. Treat yourself afterwards to a delicious drink like a dupe of Hailey Bieber’s Erewhon smoothie, which also keeps with your healthy diet goal. Even if the universe isn’t magically writing your new chapter for you, you’re at least starting it yourself.

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