Young woman laying in bed, having vivid dreams during moon transit via specific zodiac sign.

Your Zodiac Sign Can Actually Help Reveal When You’ll Have The Most Vivid Dreams

Hint: The moon plays a huge factor.


Ever notice how some of your dreams are more detailed than others? As in, they’re so realistic, you could almost swear they happened in real life? If so, then the moon — aka the symbol of your intuition, innermost feelings, and emotional foundations — could actually be the reason why, because your dreams are usually the most vivid when the moon transits through your Neptune-ruled 12th house of dreams.

Governed by the zodiac chameleon and ever-elusive sign of Pisces, the 12th house of dreams (and karma) is equally mystifying and ambiguous. This area of your birth chart has everything to do with your life behind the scenes, but it goes much deeper. A symbol of endings and beginnings, your karmic patterns, and subconscious mind, it can also speak to your connection to a source. In the words of Pisces rising singer Billie Eilish, "When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?"

If you're an avid dreamer, it wouldn't hurt to study the cycles of the moon, and reflect on how the energies come to life in your birth chart. Pay close attention to your emotions upon the moon's shift into your 12th house of dreams, but remember, each one of the houses bring a unique energetic theme.

Not sure how to keep track of the moon? Using a moon phase calendar can definitely help. In the meantime, read below to find out when you're most likely to remember and truly experience your dreams, according to your rising sign.

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Aries: During The Pisces Moon

You're the first sign in the zodiac, Aries, which means your 12th house is governed by none other than its Neptune-ruled sign of rulership, Pisces. When the moon journeys through Pisces, your dreams are typically more vivid than usual.

When is the next moon in Pisces? Sept. 20, 2021

Taurus: During The Aries Moon

Sounds strange, but did you know that you tend to act like an Aries when no one's around? Audacious Aries governs your 12th house of karma and dreams, so consider this your official cue to embrace the unknown with courage. My advice: Take longer naps during the Aries moon.

When is the next moon in Aries? Oct. 20, 2021

Gemini: During The Taurus Moon

You need to see to believe, Gemini, which goes beyond your mercurial nature. Taurus governs your 12th house of hidden agendas and unconscious patterns, so you're also pretty earthy when you want to be. Be on the lookout for the Taurus moon, and dream a little dream.

When is the next moon in Taurus? Nov. 19, 2021

Cancer: During The Gemini Moon

Astrology blames your moodiness on the fact that you're governed by the ever-changing moon, when in reality, you're just a fickle Gemini behind the scenes, Cancer. The best part is, you can receive a series of messages in your dreams during the Gemini moon, so go and get your dream journal out.

When is the next moon in Gemini? Dec. 19, 2021

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Leo: During The Cancer Moon

When the moon's in Cancer, it's time for you to go inward, Leo. It's no wonder you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve — you have a moon-ruled 12th house, and you make everyone around you feel at home. Pay close attention to you dreams during this time, as you are likely more in tune with the universe.

When is the next moon in Cancer? Jan. 17, 2022

Virgo: During The Leo Moon

In addition to experiencing lucid dreams during the Leo moon, you're also typically more expressive and playful behind the scenes, Virgo. Makes sense when the sun governs your subconscious 12th house, but this also means you have a vivacious inner life. You should tap into it more often.

When is the next moon in Leo? Feb. 16, 2022

Libra: During The Virgo Moon

Ever wonder why you're a secret perfectionist, Libra? Or why you'd stop at nothing to please the people around you? Meticulous Virgo governs your 12th house of privacy and unconscious patterns, so the Virgo moon brings your spirit to life. Your dreams also make more sense during this time, so pay attention.

When is the next moon in Virgo? March 18, 2022

Scorpio: During The Libra Moon

You have no problem embracing your witchy side, so you probably know a thing or two about lucid dreaming, Scorpio. Either way, the Libra moon typically comes with a message or two, especially when in regards to relationships.

When is the next moon in Libra? April 16, 2022

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Sagittarius: During The Scorpio Moon

You've always been intrigued by the secrets of the universe, Sagittarius. The more haunting, mysterious, and soulful, the more it draws you in, and it's all thanks to your Pluto-ruled 12th house. The Scorpio moon is hardly ever a walk in the park, but your dreams will speak louder than words.

When is the next moon in Scorpio? May 16, 2022

Capricorn: During The Sagittarius Moon

I promise you, journaling your dreams isn't a waste of time, Capricorn. You'd be surprised how much you can learn about your subconscious mind and inner world, so be on the lookout for the next moon in Sagittarius. This is when you're looking to roam and wander.

When is the next moon in Sagittarius? June 14, 2022

Aquarius: During The Capricorn Moon

Have you ever Googled the meaning of your dreams, Aquarius? If so, be sure to check where the moon is next time this happens. Pragmatic and disciplined, Capricorn governs your 12th house, so it's probably a whole lot easier for you to master this numinous craft. Get to it.

When is the next moon in Capricorn? June 24, 2021

Pisces: During The Aquarius Moon

Everyone knows you're the most magical sign in the zodiac, Pisces. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a PhD in lucid dreaming. Though this very much goes hand in hand with your Neptune-ruled archetype, super-galactic Aquarius just so happens to govern your 12th house. Yes, your dreams are out of this world, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

When is the next moon in Aquarius? July 24, 2021