New Year's Eve
Try some of these virtual New Year's Eve games during your online NYE party.
12 Virtual NYE Games To Play With Your Besties And Ring In The Fun

Take your vision board party online.

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The world is only a few sleeps away from a new year, and you're likely thrilled to say goodbye to this year with champagne and virtual games. The last 365 days were probably not what you expected they would be. But, with your newfound Zoom skills, you can spend the sparkliest night of the year playing virtual New Year's Eve games with your besties. Each of them will tune into the festivities from their individual homes and make a toast to something they're looking forward to in the new year.

Many of us are hoping that next year is the year we can travel around the world and meet up with friends without worry. In the meantime, though, sticking to virtual celebrations in the comfort and safety of your home is a great way to connect with friends from all places. The world has learned to pivot in innovative and creative ways, and continues to do so.

So, why not play it safe and get all dressed up in your favorite outfit, open up your laptop, and play some of these virtual games with a group of friends on FaceTime or Zoom? Hang up a disco ball in the view of the camera, pour a glass of sparkling cider, and have a ball right from your own home. You’ll still be able to count down the new year with those you love most. This next year will be here in a prosecco, and it's time to celebrate that with these virtual New Year’s Eve games.

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Pics Or It Didn't Happen

You and your friends are having a virtual party on New Year's Eve, and that means snapping tons of pics to document all the fun. In fact, you should play "Pics Or It Didn't Happen" and have a virtual photoshoot with your BFFs.

Beforehand, advise your friends to decorate their homes with sparkly balloons ($19, Party City), streamers, and even disco balls. Then, play photographer and have them pose with their props. Take screenshots of them in different positions, and post your results on Instagram for the world to see. Try on fun and playful different makeup looks, and use your new Dyson Airwrap for some cute hairstyles.

Do That TikTok Dance

Let’s be honest, you and your friends have mastered many of the most iconic TikTok dances, including "The Renegade." You said you’d never get on the app, and here we all are still scrolling each day. Play this game to see if you remember the moves from some of the OG TikTok dances.

To start each round, one of your friends will volunteer to be the tune master. They'll pick a friend in the group to challenge, as well as an audio clip to play. The tune master will play the clip through once. On the second play through, the friend who's been challenged has to dance to the trendy clip.

If they make it through correctly, they win that round. If they don't, then the turn gets passed on to the next friend to dance. Maybe you’ll be inspired to make your own TikTok after this, and who knows, it may just go viral.

Vision Board Party

Ideal for a NYE activity, plan to have a vision board party with your group of friends. Utilize Pinterest and get creative manifesting everything you want for 2022. Either print out each image or create a collage and have a Canva vision board. A virtual vision board party is the perfect opportunity to dream big, share why you chose to put each item on your board, and have a special NYE bonding moment with your besties.

Leave It In The Past

Like many other years, this one has been filled with trends, both good and bad. It’s safe to say we’ve learned to expect the unexpected moving forward. From watching marathon-worthy reality television, baking banana bread, and tie-dyeing, the activities at home have definitely been creative. "Leave It In The Past" lets you and your friends rate each of these trends and decide if they're worth bringing into the new year.

To play, have one person prep a game board with five different categories, including: Bring to the New Year, Hard Love, Don't Care, Eh, and Loathe. This person should also prep the trends by saving pictures to their laptop that represent them. When the virtual celebration starts, this person can share their screen with the group and get the conversation going for each trend.

If you need a little help prepping the board or seeing how the game should work, check out Connor Franta's "Ranking Things Everyone *hates*" video on YouTube for #inspo.

For The Girls

The makers of What Do You Meme? have created this game that's bound to let the good times roll. To play, one of your friends just needs to pick up For The Girls ($21, Target) and have it at your virtual celebration. Inside, they'll find cards that fall under different categories like "Truth or Dare?" and "Rapid Fire!" Have that friend be the game host and read the cards to the group. Then, rotate who completes the task or answers the questions. Make your favorite cocktail or mocktail, and have a blast playing this game with your besties.

Say It In Emojis

"Say It In Emojis" is made for the friend group that wants a chill and relaxing New Year's Eve night. For this game, get everyone together in a group chat. One person will be tasked with choosing a category like "sitcoms" or "hobbies." In the chat, everyone else will have to send three emojis that they think represent a specific item in that category.

The person who chose the category can then guess what each set of emojis represents. If you chose "sitcoms," one friend may send a coffee cup emoji, a city emoji, and a cat emoji grouped together, which represents Friends.

Let's Get Fizz-ical
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The foodies in your friend group will adore "Let's Get Fizz-ical." This game is all about taste testing different drinks, from fizzy sparkling ciders, to artsy-looking bottles of champagne, if you are 21 or over, of course. Start by having each person bring their own drink to the virtual gathering and a glass. Watch them as they sip and serve up a dramatic description of it. At the end of their description, have them give a final rating, along with a hilarious catchphrase for the drink they tried.

Vogue's 73 Questions

Have you watched Vogue's 73 Questions series on YouTube? It puts all the celebs in the hot seat, answering fun and random questions while casually walking around their homes showing off some of the coolest features.

You should totally play with your friends on New Year's Eve by writing down 73 questions of your own. (Of course, the videos can give you some ideas.) Then, rapid fire style, ask your BFFs the questions and see what they say. The answers are usually short and sweet, but this time you’re the star… so it’s up to you how you decide to answer. Pause if you want to have a debate over their favorite sitcom, snack, or place to travel to. Press record to keep the hilarious video and have something fun to look back on in the new year.

Arcade Champs

When you were a kid, you and your BFFs may have spent hours playing video or arcade games. Recreate that fun with "Arcade Champs" on New Year's Eve. Decide on a few games you'll each purchase ahead of time, like this table tennis set ($40, Macy’s). Play the games while on Zoom, and see if you can set and beat many high scores before midnight. Don’t forget about those fun virtual games, too.


Making resolutions for the new year is all fun and games, but playing "Daydreamers" is arguably much better. This game lets you and your friends dream about the next year and all it can be. To get started, have each person grab a notebook and rip out tiny slips of paper.

On each slip of paper, people should write a dream they have, even if they don't think it'll come true. Once everyone is done writing, have each person talk about their dreams, excluding any they don't feel comfortable sharing. Try to manifest one of those dreams for them by repeating an affirmation or deciding on ways you can support them in the new year. After you’ve all shared your dreams with one another, tape the slips of paper somewhere you will see them everyday (like your bathroom mirror!). Once your dream happens in real life, you’ll feel so thrilled and accomplished that you brought it to fruition.

Feeling Toasty

No New Year's Eve celebration is complete without a toast. So, take a note out of the Friends playbook and raise your glass at midnight.

In the show, Phoebe and Rachel — while competing to be Monica's maid-of-honor — practiced giving a toast. During a Zoom or FaceTime hang, do the same, but turn yours into the most creative PowerPoint presentation. Once everyone has gone, have your group vote on the best one and pop a bottle of champagne in that person's honor. It would also be fun to make everyone have a “themed” toast, where they have to talk in accents and portray a certain character. Count down until the clock strikes midnight to welcome in the long-awaited new year.

Keep It Classic

Plan to play a game everyone knows how to play, Scattergories. Have everyone access this link to create your game. Keep track with points and see who wins the entire game. Everyone will be having so much fun, you might just forget you’re playing virtually.

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