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Find a New Years caption for your Instagrams of your at-home party.

45 Captions For Celebrating New Year's Eve At Home With Your Closest Crew

It’s time to put on your party (sweat)pants!

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Instead of going out to a bar or some big party, this year, you’ve decided to celebrate New Year's Eve at home. While you may not be going anywhere, you can still plan a picture-perfect party with your crew. In fact, your celebration may be one that requires toast-worthy Instagram captions for New Year's Eve at home snaps.

Celebrating the end of the year and starting a brand new one always calls for creative fun, like setting up your very own photo booth in the corner of your apartment. If you want to make sure your space is ready for tons of Insta-worthy moments, get a foil curtain or make yourself a balloon arch to add to the backdrop of your booth. Don't forget the funny props to pair with some LOL-worthy New Year Instagram captions.

Along with the decor, you’ll want to mix together some bubbly cocktails with the champagne you'll be popping. Add in some edible glitter and stir with disco ball swizzle sticks to make your drinks pop in your pics even more. The cherry on top will be the cute New Year captions you have prepared for sippin’ selfies. Don't forget to snap a NYE 'fit pic to post with New Year captions on Instagram as well. Go all out and wear your sequined jumpsuit or sparkly gown, even though you're just celebrating in the living room. This is your time to dress like Cinderella, and try out a glittery makeup lewk from YouTube. The only difference is you don’t have to stop partying at midnight.

With New Year's Eve at home, you can really make the night shine on your feed with the right New Year's Instagram captions. From your pretty drink toasts to the final countdown, we have you covered with these 45 good New Year's captions.

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  1. "The best to come is right around the corner."
  2. "This Cinderella wears fuzzy slippers instead of glass ones."
  3. "Traveling to the couch for New Year's Eve."
  4. "New year. Same crew."
  5. "Couch comfy is the new going out."
  6. "Ringing in the new year in loungewear."
  7. "Never been happier for a brand new year."
  8. "A new year brings 365 opportunities for something great to happen."
  9. "New year, who dat?"
  10. "What happened in 2021, stays in 2021."
  11. "Make the new year sparkle and shine."
  12. "I'll use any excuse to wear sequins."
  13. "But first, champagne."
  14. "All that glitters is... probably part of my outfit."
  15. "Thankful for bubbly, snacks, and sweatpants."
  16. "I've got my party pants on."
  17. "2021, you can let the door hit you on the way out."
  18. "Pop. Clink. Fizz."
  19. "Bye bye 2021, won't miss you one bit."
  20. "New beginnings, old friends."
  21. "You can't toast with us."
  22. "Cocktails and confetti with the crew."
  23. "Felt cute. Might be in my fluffy slippers all night."
  24. "Dear future, we are ready."
  25. "Hello 2022. What took you so long?"
  26. "Champagne to all, and to all a good night."
  27. "Let's ring in the rosé."
  28. "Red or white, that's the question."
  29. "The best endings always have confetti."
  30. "We didn't drop the ball with this NYE party."
  31. "Cleaning up this confetti will be a champagne, but it's worth it."
  32. "We wish you a Happy New Year."
  33. "The final countdown begins."
  34. "Can you grab me a happy new beer from the fridge?"
  35. "Expecting a clever caption? Sorry, that was so last year."
  36. “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 2022.”
  37. “There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.” — Jane Austen
  38. “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” — David Bowie
  39. “Staying home for New Year’s Eve was not a pour decision.”
  40. “I watched it begin again.” — Taylor Swift, “Begin Again (Taylor’s Version)”
  41. “9 p.m. is the new midnight.”
  42. “Time to put my party sweatpants on.”
  43. “Can’t wait for 12 more chapters of this book called life.”
  44. “Celebrate what you want to see more of.”
  45. “All dressed up and a whole year to go.”

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