A pink and white balloon arch sits against a beige wall.

How To Make A Stunning Balloon Arch Under $20

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What did we ever do before TikTok tips and tricks? The social media app is not just for dance trends and lip sync performances, but also a go-to resource for DIY tutorials and hacks on how to keep things, like a balloon arch, budget-friendly. You may have seen videos for homemade balloon displays (costing up to ~$300) before on your For You page, but the latest trend focuses on DIYing balloon arches on the cheap. Here's how you can make a stunning balloon arch under $20 that still looks bougie AF.

When you walk into a party and see a larger-than-life balloon arrangement, you have to assume a professional made it. Not only does it look time consuming, but it can look incredibly expensive as you count up how many balloons were used. However, you can easily make your own balloon arch at home for less than it costs to order takeout from your fave restaurant. It won't take you forever either. In fact, you can get your craft on while watching your latest Netflix obsession, and have an Insta-worthy display in no time.

A lot of #BalloonArch TikToks can seriously help turn around your at-home birthday celebration or homemade photo booth into something that you'll actually want to take a picture in front of. You might even want to make your own arch for no reason at all other than to add some fire selfies to your feed in your fave #OOTD.

First step in creating your very own balloon arch is to get your balloons. Decide on what color you want your arch to be, and find a bulk bag of latex balloons at your local dollar store ($1 for 25-count, Dollar Tree). You'll want to get a few bags, and judging by this YouTuber who used 28 balloons for one column, you'll want to get around 50. That may sound like a lot, but you're only looking at $2 right now. It may not hold up as well as a more-expensive arrangement — filled with those large, thick balloons — but they'll still look great and hold up long enough for your Instas (which is all that matters).

Next up, you'll need supplies to tie all your balloons together. If you're following this TikToker, one way to do it is by using your leftover string ($3, Michaels) from your #FriendshipBracelet TikTok moment or the fishing wire ($2, Walmart) you have at home to thread through each of the balloons. Though, the method used by most TikTokers is to tie the balloons together in quads or pairs, and use the ribbon to wrap the different balloon sets together. Texted curling ribbon works great for this, and you can get 500 yards for less than $5 at Michaels. That means you've spent less than $10 so far, and you already have everything you need to begin.

As you combine your balloon groups on one string, start shaping your arch, according to this TikTok. You could even add texture by mixing in some smaller balloons with the larger ones and adding different colors.

When you have everything finished, tape ($2, Staples) your balloon arch to the wall, or use any leftover string to hang it up. Since you're making this on your own, you'll be saving tons of money on labor costs. However, if you are willing to dip into your budget to help out with that, you can get a balloon pump to help save not only time, but breath ($4, Target).

Then, if you throw on a show you've been wanting to marathon-watch, the time will fly as you assemble everything together. You could even get your roomies to help for a fun DIY time in the living room with a balloon-themed charcuterie board of snacks, like M&M's, grapes, and cherry tomatoes.

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