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65 New Year's Eve Group Chat Names To Help Coordinate NYE Plans With Your Crew

Can I get a party outfit check?

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Bring on the New Year’s Eve celebrations. After some more laid-back festivities last year, you’re planning something big to ring in the new year this time around. For party planning, you’ve got to be in touch with your entire crew from the get-go, making starting a NYE group chat very necessary. To really get into the spirit of the holiday, you need to start a group text with one of these New Year’s Eve group chat names to make it a conversation that’s right on theme.

You don’t realize how important a group chat can be until your phone is blowing up with notification after notification. Your bestie chat is where you not only solidify your NYE plans and help each other pick out your party ‘fits, but it’s also where you get to share photos after you ring in the new year and reminisce on all the fun you had popping champagne. Even if you’re not celebrating together, you need some New Year’s Eve group names for your long-distance BFF chats. It’ll be where you can send your “Happy New Year” texts as soon as it hits midnight in your timezone.

Of course, just coming up with a NYE group chat name on your own is hard. You may need some help finding the right New Year’s Eve group names just like you need your friends to help you decide between the sparkly jumpsuit or cozy velvety number to wear. That’s where these 65 New Year’s Eve group chat names come in to help. With the countdown near, it’s time to get the ball rolling on texting your crew who got you through the year and will be there by your side in the new one.

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  1. Taylor Swift’s Champagne Problems
  2. Happy Mew Year
  3. Time To Party
  4. Toast To The New Year [bread emoji]
  5. Happy New Beer
  6. Abby New Year
  7. Got Our Sparkle On
  8. A Wine-derful New Year
  9. Let’s Get Fizz-ical
  10. Prosecco To None
  11. Bubbly Like Champagne
  12. No ‘Pagne, No Gain
  13. Throwing Confetti Around
  14. Purrfect New Year
  15. You Had Me At Merlot
  16. Meet Me At The Photo Booth
  17. Berry Good New Year
  18. Pawty Animal
  19. It’s Party Thyme
  20. Bready To Party
  21. Pop Fizz Clink
  22. Hoppy New Year
  23. Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti
  24. Rather Be In Times Square
  25. But First, Champagne
  26. A Bottleful New Year
  27. Ready For Page One Of 365
  28. Bring It On Midnight
  29. Thank U, Next — Ariana Grande, “Thank U, Next”
  30. Sparkle Is Our Fave Color
  31. Drop It Like The Times Square Ball
  32. Start Of Something New — High School Musical
  33. New Year. New Feels.
  34. Less Bitter, More Glitter
  35. Manifesting A New Year
  36. NYE Vibes Only
  37. Bedazzle It Like David Rose
  38. Got Our Party Pants On
  39. Our New Beginning
  40. So Last year
  41. Here’s To New Adventures
  42. Party Outfit Check
  43. Spotify Wrapped And Ready
  44. Living Life
  45. Sparklers Wanted
  46. The Best Endings Have Confetti
  47. RSVP As Pending — Schitt’s Creek
  48. New Year. Same Crew.
  49. You Can’t Toast With Us
  50. Ring In The Rosé
  51. The Final Countdown — Europe, “The Final Countdown”
  52. Bubbly Kind Of Night
  53. Sip, Sip, Hooray
  54. Carpe-ing The Diem
  55. A Night To Remember
  56. My Midnight Kisses
  57. No Need For Resolutions, We’re Perfect
  58. Confetti Reign
  59. Glitter On The Floor After The Party — Taylor Swift, “New Year’s Day”
  60. Baby You're A Firework — Kate Perry, “Firework”
  61. Best Is Yet To Come — Frank Sinatra, "The Best is Yet to Come"
  62. Raising Our Glasses
  63. Waiting For Tonight — Jennifer Lopez, "Waiting for Tonight"
  64. C U Next Year
  65. Walking Into [Year] Like...

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