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These Virtual Halloween Games Are Frightfully Fun For Your Zoom Happy Hour

It’s time to get creative.

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Everything's almost set for your virtual Halloween party. You have your costume picked out and decorations like orange streamers and sparkly jack-'o-lanterns set up in your room. The only thing that needs to be finalized are the virtual Halloween games you'll play while on Zoom with your friends, aka your main boos. Of course, you've thought of classic games like "Would You Rather" and "Never Have I Ever." But, you want to really pumpkin spice up your night and make memories you'll never forget.

The classic games can get a little boring after you've played them over and over again. Lucky for you, we have a couple tricks and treats up our sleeves, including on-trend Halloween costumes for your friends who are still struggling to pick something out and the greatest seasonal snacks for the spookiest hangouts of the year. We also have a few clever ideas on virtual Halloween games you can play — and they don't require playing cards, specialty game boards, or even an interesting puzzle.

These eight games can be played using items solely you already have in your home at this time of the year, such as pumpkins and candy bars. Read over the rules and guidelines for each prior to your virtual happy hour this month, which has inevitably turned into your Halloween party.

"The Most Creative Pumpkin Contest"
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First up, unleash the creative beast within you and play "The Most Creative Pumpkin Contest." As you may be able to guess, this game requires craft supplies like paint, glitter, and a whole lot of glue to turn an average pumpkin — big or small —into the cutest pick of the patch.

The game can be played while you sip a wine slushie and talk with your friends. But be sure to end it with a final round of viewing and judging your crafted pumpkins. Pick a winner just for fun.

"Love At First Bite"

Not every pumpkin-flavored good you try this season is a "love at first bite" situation. Some might make your taste buds cringe, while others may receive a five-star rating in your heart. During your next virtual happy hour, take some time to weed out the worst and best flavors of the year, and play this game with your BFFs. Have everyone tag-team the latest Trader Joe's products or the seasonal lattes on the Starbucks menu, and rate the notes and textures they're experiencing.

"Trick Or Truth"

"Trick or Truth" is very similar to "Truth or Dare." Your friends should give you a situation where you must tell the truth, and if you'd rather not, then you must settle for a trick. The tricks can include texting your crush something flirty or posting a silly selfie on social media. Be sure to reward yourself with a piece of candy afterward.

"Funny Bones"
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You'll want to prepare a bit before playing "Funny Bones" with your crew during your Zoom happy hour this month. The goal of the game is to get everyone to laugh as hard as they possibly can. The catch is, your joke must fit into the theme of the night, which is, of course, Halloween. Channel your favorite dad jokes and puns for this one, people, and get ready to giggle the night away.

"Get Your Sheet Together"

Have you ever dressed up like a ghost for Halloween? If so, you may have an good advantage in "Get Your Sheet Together." This game is a challenge to see who in your friend group can dress up like a ghost fastest. To make sure the game is fair, start off with only a white sheet and a single specialty item, like a black marker which can be used to make eyes. The person who dresses up like a ghost first and says "boo" toward the camera wins.

"A Monster Mix"

Coming up with playlists for every holiday is your jam. That's why you'll love playing "A Monster Mix" with your BFFs. This game starts on Apple Music or Spotify, where one person in your group will create a blank playlist titled, "Halloween" or something punny. From there, each person in your group should pick a song to add, and then explain why. (In this game, slide presentations are welcome.)

"Let Me Be Frankenstein"

Being the blunt person in your friend group will pay off if you decide to play "Let Me Be Frankenstein." This game is all about sharing your unsolicited opinion on all the Halloween trends of years past and the present. These trends can include Stranger Things costumes, handing out pretzels instead of candy, or the scary decor that people tend to set up outside their homes. Let yourself be frank about it all — respectfully, of course.

"That's The Spirit"
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"That's The Spirit" is essentially a live cooking show hosted by your BFFs. Each person will take their turn showing the group how to make Halloween-themed cocktail they designed. At the end, they'll share the recipe in the group chat, so that everyone can mix one together for the next virtual happy hour turned Halloween party.

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