All The 2020 Halloween Costume Trends, From 'Twilight' To 'Tiger King'

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Summer is pretty much over, which logically means it’s time to turn all your attention to what your Halloween 2020 costume is going to be. Though you won't be able to spend the holiday the way you might normally, that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spirit with a sweet new costume, even if it's from the comfort of your couch or backyard. And since Euphoria Season 2 got pushed to 2021, you might be at a bit of a loss as to what to be this year. Don’t fear, because these 2020 Halloween costume trends will make you want to get dressed up right now.

You may be feeling a bit indifferent about Halloween this year, since any major parties are a no-go due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn't have to stop you from getting into a spooky mood. And there’s no better way to cheer up yourself and those around you than with a super cool costume. There have been so many iconic pop-culture moments to happened over the past few months that there’s no shortage of amazing ideas out there to inspire you.

From timeless and classic to unique to 2020-tastic, your Halloween costume options are endless. Check out all the Halloween 2020 costumes trends taking over this year.

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2020 Halloween Costume Trend: The Quarantine Tiger King

To start, it's only right to pay homage to the first phase of quarantine: Tiger King. Whether you want to go as Carole Baskin, Joe Exotic himself, or couple up with a friend for it, this is a super easy idea to DIY. Just gather up all the leopard print you own, your favorite jeans, and a belt buckle. If you're going for full-on Joe, don't skimp on the under-eye liner.

2020 Halloween Costume Trend: What's New, Scooby Doo?

If your Halloween plans involve a safe, socially-distanced gathering of a few friends, going as the Mystery Inc. gang gives everyone an easy to do costume. If Scoob's gang is too mainstream for you, fulfill your goth fantasy instead as one of the Hex Girls.

2020 Halloween Costume Trend: The Fantabulous Harley Quinn

If you saw Birds of Prey, you were probably blown away by all of Harley Quinn's outfits, almost as much as you were by the roller skating fight sequence. What better time to live out your chaotic, Harley Quinn fantasy than on Halloween (although I'd forgo the skates)? If you prefer the ease of buying a pre-made costume, there are a ton of options out there.

2020 Halloween Costume Trend: Megan Thee Stallion In The "WAP" Music Video

Grab a bucket and a mop for this costume. If you like to go all out with a sexy costume, the "WAP" music video is overflowing with Cardi B- and Megan Thee Stallion-approved outfits. What more could you ask for? A yellow, off-the-shoulder bodysuit, matching opera-length gloves, and a yellow cape secretly safety-pinned to your top is all you need to get Megan's first look from the music video.

2020 Halloween Costume Trend: The TikTok Famous E-Girl

A neon wig, chains, and a lot of blush are the main things you need to complete your e-girl transformation. Whether you're already all over TikTok or not, you can complete this look with items already in your closet — just make them all black and a little baggy. To get the makeup just right, follow Doja Cat's e-girl makeup tutorial. Don't forget to learn some TikTok dances, too.

2020 Halloween Costume Trend: Cottagecore Taylor Swift

If you lean musically more toward folklore, you can get your Halloween costume inspiration straight from Taylor Swift's "Cardigan" music video. Not only will you be repping your favorite singer, you'll also be oh-so cozy.

2020 Halloween Costume Trend: Go-Go Girl

There's a reason go-go dancing costumes never go out of style, and honestly, half the reason is the super cute boots. You'll definitely feel like dancing all night when you put on this costume. Not to mention, you'll want to wear this outfit over and over again.

2020 Halloween Costume Trend: Guy Fieri, But Make It Hotter

One of my recent favorite, off-the-beaten-path costumes is a sexy Guy Fieri. An oversize, flaming button down paired with fishnets, frosted tips, a handlebar mustache, and a goatee will have people feeling confused in the best way. This outfit is a one-way ticket to Flavor Town.

2020 Halloween Costume Trend: Like, Duh, You Want To Be Clueless' Cher

To celebrate the 25th anniversary this iconic teen movie's release, you can look like a full-on betty as Clueless' Cher this Halloween. You'll be instantly recognizable, and everyone else will be totally bugging over how good you look.

2020 Halloween Costume Trend: Twihard For Twilight

You probably never thought this day would come, but the Twilight renaissance is definitely here. So, for possibly the second, third, or fourth year of your life (depending how hard you twiharded), you can spend your Halloween as one of your favorite Forks residents. There's a wealth of grungy, early '00s looks you can pull, but I've always loved Bella's first-day-of-school look, featuring a bowling shirt and a long sleeve t-shirt under it.

2020 Halloween Costume Trend: Lady Of The '80s

If you like to rock a lot of colors, going as an '80s aerobics girl is always a great go-to. You just need a bodysuit, leggings, leg warmers, and scrunchies of bright, preferably different colors.