Victoria Pedretti's zodiac sign explains why she is so good at playing Love on Netflix's 'You'.

Victoria Pedretti's Sign Explains Why She's So Good At Playing You’s Love Quinn

The planets were clearly aligning to make Victoria the best actor for the job.

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If you’re anything like me, You is still on your “Continue Watching” list on Netflix. If you’re a Libra or Scorpio, you’re even more likely to watch You. Not only does it contain the perfect combination of murder and romance, it has a cast of characters that feels real enough to psychoanalyze for days on end. The astro community alone has been talking about how much it makes sense that Penn Badgley has a Scorpio stellium. After all, Joe Goldberg is an incredibly emotional, committed, and investigative person, making Penn Badgley’s birth chart totally suited to his character. However, I think it’s well past time that we talk about how his better (and I use that term loosely) half Victoria Pedretti’s zodiac sign makes her the best actor to bring Love Quinn to life on You.

Even though an actor’s job is to transform themselves into a completely different person, their astrological makeup can say so much about how they interpret their character. Because everyone has a completely unique birth chart, the performance will always change based on who’s playing the part. When you learn more about what the planets were doing when Victoria Pedretti was born, you might even feel like no one else could understand Love Quinn the way she does.

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Victoria Pedretti’s Sun Sign Is Aries

Victoria Pedretti was born on March 23, 1995, making her an Aries — and that already says so much about why she is so in tune with Love Quinn. Aries is a passionate, determined, and competitive fire sign, and if you’ve seen You, you know all about how much Love radiates Aries energy. When she first saw Joe at Anavrin back in Season 2, she was immediately intrigued. When an Aries is attracted to someone, they tend to put all their energy into wooing them. Let’s not forget that Love was the only love interest of Joe’s whom he did not have to chase. You can even make the case that Love chased Joe just as much (if not more).

Aries are also known for being impulsive and aggressive. Coming on a little bit too strong is something Aries are famous for doing, which could help explain some of Love’s more erratic behavior. In Season 3, she did not even flinch when she unexpectedly murdered her neighbor Natalie. She didn’t consider the consequences of her actions, because in the moment, she felt like she was doing exactly what she needed to do to protect her family. While I’m not saying that being an Aries automatically equals being a murderer, I am saying that it does tend to lead to bit less critical thinking and more impulsiveness.

Victoria Pedretti’s Mercury Sign Is Pisces

However, there’s still so much more to Love than her tendency to make brash decisions. The fact that Victoria is not only an Aries, but her Mercury — which is the planet of communication and logic — also falls in imaginative, romantic, and empathetic Pisces, makes her incredibly loving and concerned for the people she cares about. Love shares these same qualities, because the love she displays for her son, Henry, her brother, Forty, and of course, her husband, Joe, proves how sensitive she is. She always has an idealistic perspective of what the future can be, which is also incredibly Piscean of her.

Victoria Pedretti’s Moon Sign Is Capricorn

Although Love is deeply emotional and passionate, she’s also quite exacting, calculating, and serious when she needs to be. Victoria happens to have her moon in Capricorn, which is a zodiac sign that’s known for its ability to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done. There are several moments throughout Season 3 of You in which Joe feels like he needs to clean up Love’s messes, but she usually returns with an even better plan that Joe can’t help but admire. The way she always concocts the best coverup for each of their murders shows just how cunning and resourceful she can be.

Although Victoria Pedretti may be nothing like Love Quinn IRL, the planets were clearly aligning at the perfect moment to make her the best actor to play her.

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