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10 TikTok Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas Including Bacon Roses And Cinnamon Roll Hearts

Breakfast in bed just got more heart-shaped.

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One of the cutest Valentine’s Day traditions is to make breakfast for your partner. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a great way to kickstart a day that’s full of love. While your go-to may be pancakes, bacon, and eggs, there are some fresh Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas on TikTok to take your fave foods to the next level. For instance, instead of serving just waffles, you could be serving your sweetheart some heart-shaped waffles they’ll love a waffle lot.

TikTok is always a great resource for Insta-worthy recipes that look as good as they taste. You can always count on TikTokers for taking something as simple as apple slices and making something gorgeous like an edible rose out of them. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, many of these 10 TikTok recipes also include heart-shaped designs and red food coloring to match the cupid mood. You just need to decide on what dishes to serve out of these Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas on the FYP.

Making these Valentine’s Day recipes can be a cute way to spend time with your partner in the morning, or a fun way to surprise them with breakfast in bed. Whatever plans you have for Feb. 14, you’ll be able to find some Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas that are eggcellent.


Heart-Shaped Pancakes


One of the easiest ways to make heart-shaped pancakes if you don’t have a heart-shaped waffle maker is to make a pancake sheet that you use a cookie cutter with afterwards. TikToker @athomewithshannon demonstrates how easy this recipe is, and even adds food coloring and strawberries to make it extra Valentine’s Day-worthy.

Actually, @athomewithshannon has a ton of Valentine’s Day recipe ideas. There’s even a tutorial for making a heart-shaped version of the viral custard yogurt toast.


Bacon Hearts

One cute idea for your bacon comes from TikToker @carissaleighdaviss. Instead of just serving your bacon as is, you can make bacon hearts by folding your bacon strips before popping them in the oven. This TikTok tutorial has other heart-shaped breakfast ideas for your eggs and strawberries as well.


Heart Eggs

Hearts are a big theme with Valentine’s Day, so of course, you’ll want to know how to make some heart-shaped eggs for your bae. This tutorial from TikToker @rominagafur shows you how to make a heart cutout for your eggs to separate the yolks from the egg whites. While @rominagafur uses a cardboard cutout, you can also use a cookie cutter if you have one.


Heart Cinnamon Rolls


Give your sweetie something sweet to eat with these heart-shaped cinnamon rolls. All you need to do is fold your ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls into heart shapes before baking. TikToker @ashtonsedita also shows off in this video how to make an entire Valentine’s Day-themed breakfast charcuterie board with waffles, donuts, and fruit.


Hotdog Hearts

Another cute heart idea comes from TikToker @heathercoxzzz with these hotdog hearts. You’ll need some toothpicks for this one. All you need to do is partially slice your hotdog, form the heart shape, and use the toothpicks to hold it together. Afterwards, you can cook your hotdogs with some eggs in the middle to make it a complete Valentine’s Day breakfast dish.


Egg In A Heart

You’ve had egg in a hole before, but for Valentine’s Day, you can serve your partner an egg in a heart. All you need to do is cut a heart-shaped hole in your toast like TikToker @_hannahweir_, and crack an egg inside to cook.


Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker Cinnamon Rolls


If you’ve got a heart-shaped waffle maker ($10, Target), you can make a ton of on theme Valentine’s Day breakfast dishes like waffles and pancakes. However, you probably never thought to put your ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls in your waffle maker until now. TikToker @vanessa.k6 shows how easy it is to make heart-shaped cinnamon rolls with a waffle maker.


Bacon Roses

For a Beauty and the Beast-inspired breakfast, you can serve bacon roses. They look just like the enchanted rose in the Disney movie. All you need to do is roll up your bacon strips and cook them in a muffin tin, like TikToker @platesthatbloom. If you place your bacon roses on some basil leaves, it’ll make it look even more like a real rose.


Chocolate Croissants

While there may be nothing heart-shaped about this chocolate croissant recipe from TikToker @bamboooyah, there’s no easier way to win the heart of your partner than with some chocolate on Valentine’s Day. This recipe shows you just how to roll out your dough and butter to create flakey croissants that even Emily from Emily In Paris would want to add to the ‘Gram.


Apple Roses


To go along with your bacon rose, you can serve this apple rose pastry. TikToker @thesweetnsalty shows how to create this almost too-pretty-to-eat breakfast item using apple slices, puff pastry, and jam. The end result will be so impressive your valentine will fall even more in love with you.