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‘Top Gun’ Movie Quotes To Caption Your Maverick Halloween Costume For 2022.

25 Top Gun Costume Captions To Wingman Your Maverick-Inspired 'Fit

For when you’re feeling the need for speed coming up with a caption.

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The classic 1986 action film Top Gun is known for its iconic quotes, thrilling plane chases, and distinctive uniforms, which is why it’s a tried and true Halloween costume every year. Plus, now that the highly anticipated sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, hit theaters back in May to both critical acclaim and box office success, Tom Cruise reprising his role as Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell has made a Top Gun Halloween costume even more of a must this year. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you may be thinking of dressing up as Maverick, or even one of the new characters from the sequel like Rooster. When you’re feeling the need for speed, we’ll be your wingman, because you can keep scrolling to choose one of these Top Gun quotes to caption your costume photo dump on Halloween.

After seeing Top Gun: Maverick, you’re probably brainstorming all the ways you can DIY an epic pilot costume to look like Tom Cruise in the movies. Whether you decide to throw it back to the OG film when Maverick is just getting his start as a fighter pilot, or you decide to take some cues for your Top Gun Halloween costume from the sequel, some things never change. You’ll definitely want to round up some boots, a khaki green jumpsuit, and a pair of aviator sunglasses, of course. It’s a bonus if you can snag a leather jacket to decorate with the trademark insignas and patches that Maverick wears in both movies.

You can also put together a Top Gun group costume for your flight crew to fly together on Halloween, where you and your friends can each dress as Maverick, Rooster, Goose, Penny, and Charlie. However you choose to fly into spooky season, make sure to flag these 25 Top Gun costume captions for your Instagram pics that show you riding into the “Danger Zone.”

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  1. “It takes a lot more than just fancy flying.” – Charlie
  2. “Great balls of fire!” – Goose
  3. "You don't have time to think up there. If you think, you're dead." — Maverick
  4. "You can be my wingman anytime." — Iceman
  5. “Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash.” – Stinger
  6. “Remember boys, no points for second place.” – Slider
  7. “You’re not going to be happy unless you’re going Mach 2 with your hair on fire.” – Charlie
  8. “Watch the birdie!” – Goose
  9. “Headin' into twilight, spreadin' out her wings tonight.” – Kenny Loggins, “Danger Zone”
  10. “This is what I call a target-rich environment.” – Maverick
  11. “I feel the need… the need for speed.” – Maverick
  12. “I'll take you right into the Danger Zone.” – Kenny Loggins, “Danger Zone”
  13. “Come on, Mav, do some of that pilot sh*t.” – Goose
  14. “Are you good, pilot?” – Charlie
  15. “You don’t own that plane! The taxpayers do!” – Stinger
  16. “Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.” – Air Boss Johnson
  17. “That’s right, Iceman. I am dangerous.” – Maverick
  18. “Take my breath away.” – Berlin, “Take My Breath Away”
  19. “It’s not the plane, it’s the pilot.” – Rooster
  20. “Naval aviator is not what I am. It’s who I am.” – Maverick
  21. “See you in the afterlife, Bagman.” — Bob
  22. “You told me not to think.” — Rooster
  23. “It’s the only one I’ve got.” — Maverick
  24. "The Navy needs Maverick. The kid needs Maverick.” — Iceman
  25. “The end is inevitable, Maverick. Your kind is heading to extinction.” “Maybe so, sir, but not today.” — Admiral Cain, Maverick

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