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8 Viral TikTok Salmon Rice Bowl Hacks To Try Including Rice Paper Dumplings

Did salmon say rice bowl recipes?

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No one could have predicted that salmon rice bowls would be taking over TikTok’s FYP like they are right now. Made famous by TikToker Emily Mariko (@emilymariko), this viral recipe has everyone talking because of one simple ingredient — an ice cube. The ice cube, which is used to steam the leftover rice in the microwave, magically doesn’t melt in the process — and people are jumping on the bandwagon with variations on the delicious recipe. If you’re ready to get creative, you’ll want to check out these viral TikTok salmon rice bowl recipe hacks for a tasty twist on the popular offering.

Since the recipe started trending, TikTok has been doing what it does best with home chefs putting their own spin on the traditional salmon rice bowl recipe from Mariko. If you’re a vegan or prefer your salmon raw rather than cooked, there are rice bowl recipe variations that you can try. Looking for a bigger update? Try some salmon rice paper dumplings or one of these air fryer recipes if you’re looking to use the kitchen gadget TikTok made you buy. While these eight salmon rice bowl recipe hacks are variations on the OG recipe from Mariko, they use roughly the same ingredients, which include:

  • Salmon
  • Rice
  • One ice cube
  • Soy sauce
  • Sriracha
  • Kewpie mayo
  • Avocado
  • Kimchi
  • Roasted seaweed

To replicate Mariko’s viral salmon rice bowl, you’ll want to mash up your salmon in a bowl and top with your leftover rice. Add your ice cube and cover with some parchment paper before microwaving for about a minute. This will allow your rice to steam without melting the ice cube. After being completely baffled by the magic (aka science), drizzle on your soy sauce, Sriracha, and mayo and top your bowl with your sliced avocado. Enjoy your traditional salmon rice bowl with kimchi and seaweed, or feel free to get creative with your toppings. If the TikTok community has taught us anything, it’s that you can really make any of its viral recipes your own. So, once you’ve nailed Mariko’s viral salmon rice bowl, have fun making your own unique TikTok salmon rice bowl recipes.

Salmon Rice Paper Dumplings

TikToker Jamie Milne (@everything_delish) has a very fun twist on the salmon rice bowl. Instead of a bowl, Milne uses the ingredients to make salmon rice paper dumplings. Mix together your bowl as you would with Mariko’s recipe, but instead of enjoying as is, add about a spoonful of the mixture to the center of some rice paper. Fold the edges of the paper inward so that the filling is sealed. Do this with again with a second layer of rice paper, then fry your dumpling in a pan with some oil. Repeat to make more dumplings. Once your dumplings are fully cooked and crispy on both sides, enjoy with some sesame seeds and green onions sprinkled on top.

Raw Salmon Rice Bowl

If you prefer your salmon raw rather than cooked, you’ll like TikToker @foodwithsoy’s raw salmon rice bowl. It’s basically like a spicy poke bowl that you can top with soy sauce, Sriracha, mayo, avocado, and seaweed. Just make sure you’re using sushi-grade salmon if you’re not going to cook it.

Vegan Salmon Rice Bowl

If you’re vegan or don’t eat fish, try TikToker @healthygirlkitchen’s recipe, which is a vegan salmon rice bowl that’s made with tofu instead. You can also use some vegan mayo to replicate Mariko’s recipe.

Chicken Rice Bowl

Sometimes, you’ve just got to use what you have in your kitchen. For instance, TikToker @texykitchen1 ended up making a chicken rice bowl with pre-cooked chicken they had on hand. They also swapped out the avocado with hardboiled eggs and enjoyed the delicious rice bowl with some roasted seaweed.

Crispy Salmon Rice Bowl

If you prefer your rice extra crispy, try this recipe from TikToker @eatinwitheva. The twist is that it’s a crispy salmon rice bowl, so instead of steaming your rice in the microwave, you’ll fry it in a pan until it’s nice and crunchy. You’ll also assemble your rice bowl instead of mixing it all together by placing your rice cake at the bottom and topping with your sliced avocado, shredded salmon, and whatever sauces you have. The result? A salmon sushi bowl and avocado toast mash-up.

Air Fried Salmon Rice Bowl

It’s time to break out the air fryer for this recipe from TikToker @dishingitwithamanda. This air fried salmon rice bowl is also topped with a homemade cucumber salad, which gives it an extra crunch. It’s a great go-to recipe if you’re looking to switch things up with your toppings to make a salmon bowl with even more veggies.

Salmon And Shrimp Rice Bowl

One way to switch up your salmon rice bowl is to add another protein. Instead of just using salmon, enjoy a salmon and shrimp rice bowl like this one from TikToker @stayyprettybri. This recipe also uses cream cheese and green onion for even more flavor in your bowl. It’s shrimply the best.


Crab Rice Bowl

Not a big fan of salmon? You could always try this crab rice bowl recipe instead. This recipe from TikToker @rina..bina follows all the same steps as Mariko’s rice bowl, but uses imitation crab instead of salmon. It’s perfect for you if your go-to sushi order is a California roll.