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18 Things To Do On Your Birthday Alone

So you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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It may be tradition for you to gather the most important people in your life to help you celebrate your birthday. Your friends and family can really make your day special, but perhaps you’re ready to switch things up a bit. This year, plan a solo celebration with things to do on your birthday alone. It could be that you’re not around the people you normally spend the day with, or you just want to focus on yourself. Whatever the case, a solo birthday is always a great idea. It really forces you to get a little creative with your plans, and these things to do on your birthday alone are sure to make your day of self-love even better.

One of the best parts about having a “me party” is the whole planning process. Since you don’t have to worry about coordinating with your guests, everything you do is on your terms and time. You could schedule a full day of things to do on your birthday, or just take it slow with a lazy day at home. It all depends on what you want to do. Plus, doing things on your birthday alone can be a great way to refocus your intentions on self-care and think about how you really want to start the next chapter of your life.

Once you know what vibe you’re going for, the next step is deciding on what to do on your birthday alone. While enjoying a slice of cake and putting on a fire birthday #OOTD are birthday must-dos, here are 18 other ideas for things you can do on your big day.

Treat Yourself To A Fancy Spa Day

A spa day on your birthday is a perfect way to unplug from the distractions of your daily schedule and completely unwind. Get the royal treatment and let relaxation take the wheel. You're going to feel so rejuvenated afterward, so treat yourself to something you've been wanting to try for a while. Red wine facial, anyone?

Rent A Bouncy House Just For Yourself

OK, the nostalgia is real with this idea. As a kid, having a moon bounce at your birthday party automatically made it the best party ever. Now, renting a bouncy house just for yourself means you won't have to wait your turn or bump into anyone while jumping around. Pretty much, you can bounce as long as your heart desires (or until your rental period is up for the day).

Take A Solo Road Trip To A Place On Your Must-See List

Pack your car full of snacks, create a throwback playlist of your fave songs, and hit the nearest freeway for a solo road trip. Either plan where you're going beforehand, or let your wanderlust take you in the right direction. Either way, you’ll be exploring new places on your special day, and living in the moment.

Welcome A Fur Baby Into Your Life

Of course, you’ll want to first consider if this is a good time in your life to take on the responsibilities of caring for a furry friend of your own. If it is, what better way to finally welcome the pup or kitten of your dreams into your life than on your birthday? They’ll make your day even more pawfect.

Eat At The Nicest Restaurant In Town
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Table for one, please. Any real foodie knows a nice meal is a great way to celebrate such a special day. Pull out that little black dress and those adorable pumps for an Insta-worthy night on the town. If you’d rather spend your birthday in fuzzy socks and pajamas, you could also cook yourself your favorite meal at home or order in.

Check Something Off Your Bucket List

Your birthday and your bucket list go hand in hand. Now is the perfect time to finally check off something you’ve been meaning to do. In fact, you'll cherish it on another level if your bucket list memory is made on your birthday.

Get A Ticket To See Your Favorite Band

Experiencing your favorite music or art up close is so fulfilling. If your favorite band or a new exhibition is in town just for your birthday, take it as a sign to buy a ticket. It'll make it seem like everyone is performing just for you.

Try To Get As Many Birthday Freebies As You Can

One of the perks of getting older is all the freebies on your birthday. Make a list of every place that gives out free stuff on your special day, and try to get to them all or as many as you can. You're on your own time, remember?

Create Something Meaningful With Your Own Two Hands

Have you been wanting to take that pottery class or get your DIY on with your brand new Cricut machine? There's nothing like bookmarking your birthday with something you made with your own two hands. So, go ahead and create something meaningful to you.

Plan An Epic Staycation

Maybe you don't want to wander too far on your birthday, or you just have the night to celebrate. Book an Airbnb or a bed and breakfast in a part of your city you don't get to see very often. It's still a vacation away from what you're used to, and you just might discover a new favorite restaurant, bookstore, or coffee spot.

Take A Trip To The Go-Kart Track

Look at you, speed racer. You may not be able to control how fast time is going, but you can put your foot to the pedal and experience your own speed. Get your race face on.

Take That Class You've Been Putting Off

Have you been wanting to take that master class by your favorite choreographer, or that Italian cooking class down the street? It's your birthday, so treat yourself. A birthday spent alone can be just as eventful as all of the others. You are, after all, your own best company.

Make A Vision Board

Vision boards are a great way to manifest what you want. They can even help set you on a positive note for the next year. Whether you choose to create one on a poster board, a collage on your phone, or just a Pinterest board you can refer back to, spend a little time just thinking of what you want. Bonus points for turning on your favorite music and sipping your favorite Frappuccino as you get to work.

Get That Insta-Perfect Nail Art You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Getting your nails done can be expensive, but there’s no better time to treat yourself than on your birthday. Finally put those saved #ManiMondays to use and show your local manicurist the nail art you’ve been dreaming of and actually get it done. Don’t forget to snap some Insta pics of your nails afterward for all your followers to see.

Revisit A Place From Your Past
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Whether that’s your favorite restaurant from four years ago, or the first bar you ever went to when you turned 21, throw it back to the good old days while reminiscing on how far you’ve come since then. Order your old favorite drink and put on an outfit you used to wear back then too. The memories will start flooding back to you.

Watch Netflix In A Blanket Fort

If your goal is to be as cozy as possible on your big day, put up a super dreamy blanket fort in your living room with every blanket and pillow you own. Hang up a few string lights for aesthetic reasons. Then, when you’re comfy AF, pull up some Netflix to marathon-watch all day.

Have Your Very Own Mall Montage

A new birthday calls for a new birthday ‘fit. Head to the mall, your fave boutique, or a vintage store in town to have your very own makeover movie montage. Try on tons of outfits you might never have picked out for yourself before. You could even film the whole thing for a fashion TikTok video.

Treat Yourself To A Romantic Date

Pretend you’re planning a super romantic date for your partner or crush, except the person you’re trying to woo is yourself. Pick up a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, stroll around a bookstore for something new to read, and try a new TikTok recipe to enjoy on a picnic in your backyard. Basically, you want to treat yourself to your very own rom-com day.

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