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80 Thanksgiving-Themed Group Chat Names That Perfectly Describe Your Ride Or Pies

Activate feast mode in your group chat now.

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While the food may be what everyone talks about, Thanksgiving is really about getting together with the ones you love. That could mean your entire extended family or just your besties who aren’t traveling home for the holiday. People also don’t talk about how much planning goes into a Thanksgiving dinner. It’s more than just calling dibs on what dish you’re bringing to the table, so it’s a good idea to start a group text with everyone invited ASAP. Of course, that means you also need some Thanksgiving-themed group chat names.

After all, every group chat needs a fun name. It’s the first thing you do after collecting everyone’s numbers and starting off the chat with a “hey.” Something simple like a “Thanksgiving Group” may be a good starter name, but you’ll want to pick something a little more your vibe from this list of Thanksgiving group chat names once the convo starts going. If you realize your group chat has become a place to share funny Thanksgiving TikToks and memes, you’ll want a punny Thanksgiving group chat name to keep the LOLs going. On the flip side, if your chat is more laid-back and just excited to see each other, a simple and sweet Thanksgiving-themed group chat name may be more your style.

Your group chat will be your go-to place to send out last-minute reminders of who is bringing what and what time everyone needs to arrive. It’ll also be where you share your group photos and family selfies after the meal, so you want to settle on your group chat name well before Turkey Day. Since you may be preoccupied with shopping, cooking, or even DIYing some decor right now, there’s no need to sweat coming up with your own name. Just use any of these 80 Thanksgiving-themed group chat names that are full of gratitude.

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  1. Thankful As Heck
  2. In Feast Mode
  3. Turkey To My Heart
  4. On A Roll
  5. You Want A Piece Of Us?
  6. That’s Slice
  7. Ahead Of The Carve
  8. Thanksgiving Thyme
  9. Gather ‘Round The Poul-tree
  10. Yes We Cran
  11. Turkey Leg Day
  12. Seasonings Greetings
  13. All About That Baste
  14. Pour Some Gravy On Me
  15. We’re Stuffed
  16. You Ain’t Seen Stuffing Yet
  17. Grateful Fam
  18. 50 Shades Of Gravy
  19. Gobble ‘Til You Wobble
  20. We’re Gobble-ins
  21. Clean Plate Club
  22. Good Pie Everyone
  23. Having A Gourd Thyme
  24. Pumpkin To Talk About
  25. Team Turkey
  26. Room For Seconds
  27. Fam That Feasts
  28. Baby Pie, Pie, Pie
  29. Sweet Potato Pals
  30. Mashed Potato Mates
  31. My Ride Or Pies
  32. Stuffing Squad
  33. Fowl Play
  34. Plucking Hilarious
  35. Apple To My Pie
  36. Giving Thanks
  37. Tom Hanksgiving
  38. You Butternut Forget
  39. Eat, Drink, & Cranberry
  40. Love Cranberry Much
  41. Thanks Living
  42. We’re A Perfect Mash
  43. Eyes On The Pie
  44. Turkeylicious
  45. I Yam What I Yam
  46. Pie Love You
  47. In Cider Information
  48. The Butterball Express
  49. Squash Goals
  50. Full Of Thanks
  51. Potatoes Gonna Potate
  52. We’ve Got Fillings
  53. Hap-pie Turkey Day
  54. Gourdgeous Family
  55. In Family I Crust
  56. Having A Butterball
  57. I Knead My Family
  58. ‘Tis The Seasoning
  59. Everything’s Butter With You
  60. Cranberry Happy
  61. Stuffin' Compares To You
  62. On Thanksgiving, We Eat Turkey
  63. My Best Spuddies
  64. The Cranberry Baste
  65. Occu-pied
  66. Gobblin’ Along
  67. Love A Pumpkin Spice Latte
  68. Hot To Turkey Trot
  69. Thanksgiving Footballers
  70. The One With All The Friends Thanksgivings
  71. Too Blessed To Be Stressed
  72. The Candied Yams
  73. Leave No Leftovers Behind
  74. It Gets Butter
  75. My Casserole Crew
  76. Pass The Pie
  77. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turkeys
  78. The Angry Birds
  79. Thighs Before Pies
  80. Honey Baked Fam