Young woman holding gourd, thinking about how her zodiac sign will have the best Thanksgiving 2021

For These 3 Zodiac Signs, Thanksgiving Will Be Extra Special

Fire signs can rejoice in the holiday spirit.


There’s something about Thanksgiving that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Regardless of how you feel about this quintessentially American holiday, there are so many ways you can slip into the spirit of it all. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to gather with your family and loved ones, and that alone is a reason to love it. You spend the whole day cooking comfort dishes such as mac ‘n’ cheese, pumpkin pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and of course, the renowned turkey. By the time it’s all over, your belly should feel just as full of food as your heart feels full of love. However, there’s a reason these lucky zodiac signs will have have the best Thanksgiving 2021 — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — and astrology has everything to do with it.

During Thanksgiving on Nov. 25, the sun will be in expansive, open-minded, and quirky Sagittarius, which explains why so many people tend to have fond memories of Thanksgiving. It’s more than just a boring old dinner with your relatives; it’s also an opportunity to crack hilarious jokes, discuss relevant topics, and participate in the silly traditions that remind you of everything you have to be thankful for.

On the flip side, Thanksgiving is not without its caveats. Seating a bunch of people who may have conflicting beliefs together at the same table can create some intense energy. With the moon in dramatic and theatrical Leo, you can expect everyone to be a bit more passionate about their perspectives than usual. However, Leo is a zodiac sign who just wants to have fun, and when the going gets tough, just remember to lean into what you love about everyone you’re with.

Here’s why fire signs will love Thanksgiving the most:

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Aries: You’re Feeling The Love And Embracing The Holiday Spirit

This year, you might be in the perfect mood to enjoy a fun day with your loved ones on Thanksgiving. The moon will be moving through your fifth house of creativity and pleasure, inspiring you to have a good time and encourage everyone to do the same. However, it’s important to note that the moon will also square off with Mars, your ruling planet. This can also tap into your ability to be a tad bit impulsive, so make sure to take a moment to think about the best course of action before going with your initial instinct. It could save you a lot of trouble.

Leo: You’re Feeling Alive And Ready To Make The Day Yours

You know you love an opportunity to spend time with your favorite people and share your generosity with everyone. You know you love hearing everyone tell you why they’re so thankful for you. And with the moon in Leo, everyone at the dinner table will notice how brilliant you are even more than they usually do. However, with the moon bringing your strongest emotions to the forefront, you might also feel the instinct to prove yourself during Thanksgiving. To make the party run as smoothly as possible, remember to choose your battles wisely.

Sagittarius: You’re Trying New Things And Creating New Traditions

The fact that Thanksgiving takes place during Sagittarius season means this holiday probably means a lot to you. Because it takes place while the sun is in your first house of the self, Thanksgiving has a way of reminding you of who you are and why you’re so awesome. With the moon in your adventure-seeking ninth house, you might be in the mood to do things a little differently and shake things up this year. However, remember to be conscious of what you say at the table. As this moon squares off with Mars while it’s in your secretive 12th house, you may accidentally spill the beans about something that should be kept under wraps.