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65 BFF Group Chat Names (Taylor’s Version)

TFW you’re forever leaving your texts on *red*.

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Being a Swiftie feels like a full-time job. Not only are you listening to Taylor Swift’s albums on repeat, but you’re also constantly looking out for Easter eggs in all of her music videos and TikToks to see what she has in store next. Between Folklore, Evermore, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), and Red (Taylor’s Version), you’ve been very busy discussing everything with your Taylor Swift-loving besties. If you haven’t already christened your chat with an appropriate name, you may want to check out these Taylor Swift-themed group chat names now.

Just like Ms. Swift puts a lot of thought into each one of her lyrics, you want to give your group chat a name that matters and makes sense. If your Taylor Swift group chat is mostly used to send TikToks of different fan theories back and forth, you may want to use a song lyric that references your great detective work. You could also channel the Taylor squad days with a 1989 reference if you love your BFFs as much as Swift loves hers. There are also just some punny Taylor Swift group chat name for friends who love to laugh and have a good time sharing Swiftie memes and hosting dance parties every time a new album drops.

Whatever the vibe your chat has going at the moment, you’re sure to find a Taylor Swift-themed group chat name from this list. Once you’ve decided on one you love “all too well,” you can get back to discussing what’s your fave song off Red (Taylor’s Version), showing off your merch that just arrived in the mail, and debating whether it’ll be 1989 (Taylor’s Version) or Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) that comes out next.

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  1. Taylor’s Version
  2. Taylor’s Squad
  3. We’re Red-y
  4. We’re Endgame
  5. The Lucky Ones
  6. Right There Where We Texted Was Holy Ground
  7. We Never Go Out Of Style — Taylor Swift, “Style”
  8. Swift Texts
  9. Not A Lot Going On At The Moment
  10. Taylor Swift Cat Appreciation Thread
  11. Here’s A Toast To My Real Friends — Taylor Swift, “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”
  12. We’re Feeling 22
  13. We Are Perfectly Fine
  14. Junior Jewels
  15. Where’s The Scarf, Jake?
  16. The New Romantics — Taylor Swift, “New Romantics”
  17. The Selena and Blake To My Taylor
  18. Starbucks Lovers
  19. The Story Of Us — Taylor Swift, “The Story Of Us”
  20. We [heart emoji] TS
  21. We’re In A Getaway Car
  22. It’s Nice To Have Friends
  23. All Tears, No Ricochet
  24. We’ve Got Champagne Problems
  25. Here’s A Long Story Short
  26. Please Don’t Be Texting Someone Else
  27. Texting You Was Red
  28. I Bet You Text About Taylor
  29. Kept You Like An Oath — Taylor Swift, “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)”
  30. It’s A Love Text Story
  31. Texting Forever & Always
  32. Bye Bye Babies
  33. The Best Day Texting You
  34. My Lovers
  35. ‘Tis The Damn Taylor Swift Season
  36. All Body, No Crime
  37. Cowboys Like Me
  38. The Ones
  39. My Fave Cardigans
  40. We Are The Last Great American Dynasty
  41. Betty, James, and Augustine
  42. Mad Women
  43. We Need To Calm Down
  44. WE!
  45. Gorgeous Group
  46. Are We Out Of The Woulds?
  47. No Bad Blood Here
  48. All Mine
  49. Dear John — Taylor Swift, “Dear John”
  50. Enchanted To Text You
  51. Long Live This Group
  52. The Folklorians
  53. Blank Space Babies
  54. Texts On Red
  55. Group Chat (Taylor’s Version)
  56. Finding Easter Eggs
  57. 13
  58. No It’s Becky
  59. All Too Whale
  60. I Knew We Were Trouble
  61. We’ve Got To Speak Now
  62. Texting Evermore
  63. William Bowery Fans
  64. Est. 1989
  65. Text Reputation

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