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Where Was Succession Filmed In Norway? Plan Your Roy-Inspired Visit

It’s time for a “cultural compatibility check.”

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Luxury is nothing new on Succession. (When you think a nearly $3,000 bag is unnecessarily big (aka “ludicrously capacious”) and nothing more, luxury clearly comes with the territory.) So when the Roys travel to Norway to join GoJo’s corporate retreat in the mountains on Season 4, Episode 5, you expect the absolute finest — and, oh, did it deliver. The “cultural compatibility check” allows the Waystar Royco team to vacay and make deals in a wanderlust location. While this isn’t the first time the HBO production needed passports to film — there are quite a few hotels you can stay at from Succession around the world — if the Scandinavian peninsula is on your bucket list, Succession’s Norway filming locations are absolute musts.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Succession Season 4. Last season, Alexander Skarsgård joined Succession as tech billionaire Lukas Matsson, the CEO of GoJo. Everything was set up for Matsson to buy Waystar Royco, but this was all before the death of Logan Roy. Nothing ever seems like a sure thing on the show, so when Matsson sent out invites for the Roys to join him in Norway, they felt the need to oblige. It was reported by Variety back in October that Succession would film in Norway this season, and producer Scott Ferguson revealed that showrunner Jesse Armstrong wanted one episode of the series “to be in [Matsson’s] part of the world.” Ferguson shared, “Norway had everything we were looking for — in just utterly gorgeous settings,” which is why it may also be on your list of places to visit.

While in western Norway, you could splurge and stay at the same hotel that the Roys stay in during their trip. When you’re not relaxing at the Juvet Landscape Hotel, enjoy a gondola up the mountain to take in the views where Kendall and Roman confront Matsson or go for a scenic drive along the Atlantic Ocean Road for a TikTok vlog. Whatever you plan to do, here are the seven Succession filming locations in Norway that are great pit stops for fans of the HBO series.


Stay At The Juvet Landscape Hotel

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The resort where the GoJo retreat takes place is at the Juvet Landscape Hotel in Valldal, Norway. This picturesque resort in the wilderness is the literal definition of Insta-worthy, but the spoiled Roys are a little underwhelmed. While Kendall and Roman complain about the merch in their room and how tiny their suites are, you and your bestie will love their luxurious landscape rooms ($606/night) with giant windows overlooking the trees.

The writer’s lodge at the Juvet Landscape Hotel is where Matsson stays, and also where Shiv grabs a drink with him. This two-bedroom stay is about $748 a night, sleeps up to four people, and includes a three-course Norwegian dinner.


Take The Romsdalen Gondola Up To Nesaksla

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A few times in the episode, the Waystar Royco team takes the Romsdalen gondola up to have a chat with Matsson. The views on the ride up are breathtaking, but they’re too preoccupied with their deal to really take it all in. However, you’ll be able to snap all the pictures you want for the ‘Gram in the gondola and at the top of the Nesaksla. A ticket costs about $31 and the gondola is open all year long.


Drive Along The Atlantic Ocean Road


After landing in Norway, the Roys drive along the Atlantic Ocean Road to their resort. If you thought driving down the Pacific Coast Highway was gorgeous, you’ll be left speechless taking a ride along this oceanic winding road. Whoever is not behind the wheel can snap some pics or shoot some B-roll for your TikTok travel vlog.


Continue On The Trollstigen Road


Make sure to factor in a car rental to your trip’s budget, because you’ll also want to drive along the Trollstigen road. On their journey, the Roys drive up this winding road with gorgeous views of the Stigefossen waterfall. Since the road has many hairpin turns, it’s only open during the summertime so be mindful of that when planning your vacay.


Grab A Meal At The Eggen Restaurant

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After checking into their hotel, the Waystar Royco team meets up with Matsson at the Eggen Restaurant to discuss their deal. The restaurant has windows all around, so you have a 360-degree view of the fjord. It’s also located up the mountain, so you’ll need to take the Romsdalen gondola to get there.


Enjoy The Day At Gudbrandsjuvet

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The big outdoor party in the episode takes place at the Gudbrandsjuvet, which is located in a gorge over the Valldøla River. The gorgeous views are worth the trip alone, but you can also recreate some of your favorite scenes from the episode, like when Matsson says, “There’s more of them.” The joke is especially funny coming from Skarsgård, who happens to have a lot of brothers in Hollywood.


Fly Into The Molde Airport


If you’re flying into Norway, you may end up at Molde Airport. “[Norway] also had an airport in the area which we were looking for in the story,” Ferguson said, which is another reason why they chose the location. You may not be flying via private jet like the Roys, but at least you can say you were at the same airport as Kendall, Shiv, and Roman as you’re flying home.

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