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A woman with pink hair in the spring uses hair quotes for Instagram for her spring hair captions.

40 Instagram Captions For Your Spring Hair Selfies You’re Dyeing To Post

After all, spring is hair.

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Spring is a great time for a refresh. Along with spring cleaning, switching out your wardrobe, and adding some blooms to your home decor, you may also be planning a new spring ‘do. Whether you’re cutting, coloring, or just trying some new styles, you’ll want to have a few spring hair Instagram captions handy for any selfies you want to post.

Hair captions are actually really great to have year round, but for the spring especially, you want Instagram hair quotes that match that fresh new feeling you’ve got going on. Since the weather is warmer outside, you may be planning to chop off your long locks for a super trendy power bob, like Kourtney Kardashian’s. You may have also decided that it’s time to give yourself a new fringe or dramatic layers that’ll give your ponytails and messy buns more character. Since spring is all about pastel colors as well, dyeing your hair like you would dye some Easter eggs is always a great idea. It’s time to ditch your warm beanies and hoodies, so replace them with some cute space buns or an intricate crown braid.

Having some springtime hair quotes is also necessary for when you’re hanging out with your niece and she asks you for a twinning hairstyle. The possibilities for a good hair day are truly endless, so these 40 hair captions for Instagram will come in clutch when it’s time to show off those new lewks on your feed. Just scroll through and find the spring hair quotes for Instagram that match your vibe and post away.

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  1. “Spring your hair back to life.”
  2. “I’ve been dyeing to show off my new hair.”
  3. “If my hair looks good, I can deal with anything.”
  4. “My hair is blooming just like the flowers.”
  5. “Hair today, gone tomorrow.”
  6. “Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”
  7. “I May be sporting a new hairdo this spring.”
  8. “You grow, girl.”
  9. “My hair is blooming with good vibes.”
  10. “This spring hair made the cut.”
  11. “Spring — I’ve been hair before.”
  12. “Spring is hair!”
  13. “The weather is so nice hair.”
  14. “The spring and I just gel together.”
  15. “I’m having a very good hair daisy.”
  16. “Last bud not least, I got a haircut.”
  17. “Say aloe to my spring hair.”
  18. “I pink therefore I am.”
  19. “Getting back to my roots.”
  20. “Fancy meeting you hair.”
  21. “Catch me hair and there this spring.”
  22. “A breath of fresh hair.”
  23. “Hair comes trouble.”
  24. “Springing my new hair on you.”
  25. “Never underestimate the power of a good haircut.”
  26. “Life is too short to have boring hair.”
  27. “A great hairstyle is the best spring accessory.”
  28. “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” — Harry Winston
  29. “This is my hairytale ending.”
  30. “Handle with curl.”
  31. “New hair, who dis?”
  32. “Let me go out on a trim.”
  33. “If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.” — Hillary Clinton
  34. “Dye another day.”
  35. “Dye not?”
  36. “We never go out of style.” — Taylor Swift, “Style”
  37. “I whip my hair back and forth.” — Willow Smith, “Whip My Hair”
  38. “Then we grew a little, and romanticized the time I saw flowers in your hair.” — The Lumineers, “Flowers in Your Hair”
  39. “Come run your hands through my hair.” — Ariana Grande, “My Hair”
  40. “What are you updo this spring?”

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