And Just Like That...
Carrie Bradshaw's apartment stoop at NYC's 'Sex And The City' pop-up

I Went to NYC’s Sex And The City Experience To Channel Carrie

One Cosmopolitan, please.


Some of the world’s most iconic TV shows are set in New York City: Friends, How I Met Your Mother (and Father), Broad City, Law & Order, the list goes on. But no show captures New York quite like Sex and the City — even if the writers completely fudged Carrie Bradshaw’s rent budget. Whether you’re watching the original series, which aired from 1998 to 2004, or catching up on HBO’s And Just Like That ahead of Season 2 (coming June 22), you’ll notice that the show’s setting (NYC, baby!) is just as important as any character. Now, you’ve got an opportunity to see it — well, a version of it — for yourself. From June 8 to June 11, a Sex and the City pop-up experience will be open to the public, so get your Manolos ready.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Sex and the City, this pop-up experience is inviting fans of the show to experience its highlights for themselves. With photo opps at Carrie’s Brownstone stoop, her writing desk, and her bedroom, this pop-up is certifiably Instagrammable. For all the Carries out there, an interactive Post-It wall (à la John Berger’s breakup note) and a Cosmopolitan Bar by Ketel One Vodka are also there for the posting and drinking.

Fashion lovers will be impressed, too. The immersive experience includes a fashion display curated by And Just Like That’s very own costume designers, Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago. Plus, there’s an exclusive line of SATC25 merch, available only at the pop-up.

On opening day, I got to experience the pop-up for myself, in all its “I couldn’t help but wonder” glory. Here’s what you (and your IG followers) can expect:

Carrie’s Brownstone

Hannah Kerns

Walking through the pop-up, one of the first things you’ll see is this recreation of Carrie’s iconic stoop, which was featured in many, many famous Sex and the City scenes. Considering her real apartment in Greenwich Village is roped off to prevent photographers, taking an Instagram photo here is the next best thing.

Carrie’s Writing Desk

Hannah Kerns

Next up: Carrie’s writing desk and window. Throughout the show, she’s often stuck contemplating life, love, and sex at this window — and who hasn’t wished they could sit at her chair and ponder, too? The pop-up gives visitors the opportunity to sit at the desk while they take your photo through the window. Head to the nearby kiosk to send the right pic to your phone or e-mail.

Carrie’s Bedroom

Hannah Kerns

The desk photo opp leads right into a recreation of Carrie’s bedroom, perfect for a quick photoshoot. Every detail is set up for fans of the show to appreciate, from her framed pieces of art to her copy of Crime and Punishment. To the right, you can enter the beginnings of her closet, which quickly transform into a hallway (perfect for some quick mirror pics) leading to the end of the pop-up.

The End

Hannah Kerns

OK, so this layout might not be reminiscent of the show’s actual set, but it’s a great one for your Insta. A gorgeous display of flowers, comfortable velvet seats, and a sign denoting “And Just Like That... It’s Been 25 Years” is the perfect way to round off the other pics. (Plus, out of all rooms in the exhibit, the lighting here is probably the best.)

And Just Like That Season 2 will start streaming on Max on June 22.