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The September 2023 Super Harvest Moon's Spiritual Meaning Is Ambitious

Do what makes you happy.

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As summer melts away, so, too, may your ambition. Some will probably blame it on the loss of sunlight, the cooler temps, or the holiday decorations slowly beginning to creep onto the shelves of every retail store, but astrologers have a different theory. According to the cosmos, the sun’s shift into the Venus-ruled sign of Libra is a moment to prioritize socializing and connecting with the people around you. So much so, that you may find many of your solo pursuits and endeavors being pushed aside so that you can focus on collaborating with supportive, like-minded individuals instead. With that in mind, the spiritual meaning of the September 2023 Super Harvest Moon is asking that you don’t abandon your independent desires just yet. While forming alliances can be helpful, some things are just far more satisfying to do on your own.

September’s full moon takes place in Aries, the sign notoriously known for being impulsive, ambitious, and self-sufficient. Although this energy may sound like a stark contrast to the cuffing season festivities you have planned, this energy only has your best interest at heart. While partnership is an essential part of life, it can be easy to lose sight of what you want when you’ve always got someone by your side. As the Super Harvest Moon unfolds, you’ll be reminded of what you want outside of the boundaries of a relationship.

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What Is A Super Moon?

A supermoon is a slightly larger full moon, a phenomenon that takes place three to four times each year. They take place when the moon orbits closer to Earth than usual, making la luna appear brighter, fuller, and larger. Supermoons tend to take place sporadically, but this is actually the third consecutive one of 2023.

What’s A Harvest Moon?

Harvest Moons only occur once every year, around the fall equinox. They mark the beginning of the new season, as well as a time when the days and nights are of equal length. The Harvest Moon nickname comes from farmers who depended on this full moon to signal how much more time they had before fall arrives and they would be unable to harvest their crops.

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When Does 2023’s Super Harvest Moon Take Place?

This year’s Super Harvest Moon will take place on Sept. 29 at 5:58 a.m. ET. Reaching its peak at 6 degrees of Aries, this full moon will shed light on the Aries-ruled house of your birth chart, illuminating the region of your chart where you seek independence, action, and achievement. It’s a call for balance, since Libra season’s been motivating you to prioritize fellowships, attachments, and partnership. As this full moon takes place you’ll be reminded of your own autonomy. If you’ve felt disconnected from your sole ambitions, you’ll feel compelled to take sudden action in this area. Since the moon’s more agitated in this cardinal, fire sign, you may feel more emotionally reactive today than usual. Although this energy is fortunate for inspiring action, be wary of making irrational decisions based on temporary feelings.

This full moon will be your not-so-gentle reminder that you and your wants and desires matter. It’s not selfish to have needs, and the people you surround yourself with should encourage you to put yourself first. In order to maintain healthy relationships with others, it’s essential that your relationship with yourself is alive and well. While it can be hard to juggle the two, you truly can’t have one without the other. If you’ve been overly concerned with keeping people happy, the Aries full moon is your chance to shift your attention back toward yourself. Let the haters hate.