Roland and Johnny Rose on 'Schitt's Creek', quotes for Father's Day captions

26 Schitt's Creek Quotes That Make Hilarious Father's Day Captions

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When it comes to telling dad jokes, your dad gives Johnny Rose a run for his money. Your father figure may have even told you this himself when you marathoned Schitt's Creek together, and laughed at Johnny's hilarious one-liners. Since your dad is as LOL-worthy as the head of the Rose family, or possibly even Roland Schitt, show him how much appreciate his jokes with these Schitt's Creek quotes for funny Father's Day captions.

These Schitt's Creek quotes for Father's Day will make him chuckle, and be the "pizzazz" your Instagram post needs. You can add your favorite to a photo of him giving fatherly advice, much like Johnny tries to do with Alexis after she breaks up with Ted or with David when he's learning all about tax write-offs. He won't be able to resist a smile when he sees the post, which may or may not include a screenshot from an episode of the show. In true dad and Johnny Rose fashion, he might send you a thumbs up, followed by a strong attempt to understand social media. ("Tweet us on Facebook!")

Your dad or the father figure in your life aside, your entire family will likely get a kick out of these Schitt's Creek quotes for Father's Day captions as well. They'll double-tap your photo, and be equally tickled by your witty use of the show's lines. Isn't that screamnastic?

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  1. "Let me break it down for you, junior." — Johnny
  2. "Your trail of discarded boyfriends, Alexis, is making it very difficult to get anything done in this world." — Johnny
  3. "Bring it in, big guy." — Johnny
  4. "I’m afraid you and I have arrived at an awkward moment in our parent-child relationship." — Moira
  5. "Can I be on your team? You sound really fun." — Stevie
  6. "Here we are, all together." — Johnny
  7. "That reminds me, I've been meaning to have my family portrait airlifted in." — Stevie
  8. "I'm sorry for not responding to, like, one text." — Alexis
  9. "He's the best one, he's also the only one." — Stevie
  10. "I taught him everything he knows. He shouldn't have left me behind, that was never part of the plan." — Moira
  11. "And you know why, honey? Because you're better 'than' that." — Johnny
  12. "Nobody can cook. This is basically child abuse." — Alexis
  13. "I was wondering why would Dad order $300 worth of milk?" — Alexis
  14. "I'm having a little chat with my son, that's all. Do you have to pay for that?" — Johnny
  15. "If you can help me help him, that would be a wonderful thing." — David
  16. "Well, aren't you Mr. Futuristic?" — Moira
  17. "Dad, what did you do to my paper!" — Alexis
  18. "We've done the best we can!" — Moira
  19. "In the sky, here we go." — Johnny
  20. "Why couldn't you have helped me cheat in private school like everyone else's parents?" — Alexis
  21. "I'm sorry, I just had an image of you cooking." — Roland
  22. "Next time, can you make sure the ball goes into my glove? Thanks so much." — David
  23. "Do you know that I've been given three different aprons because of my barbecue skills? Let's see. I've got License To Grill, Working Grill. Oh, and I have Grills Just Wanna Have Fun." — Roland
  24. "I may have been wrong. You may have been not wrong." — Moira
  25. "You'd need a search and rescue team to find the punch line for those set-ups." — Bob
  26. "No, these are funny jokes. Please continue." — Roland