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David Rose (Dan Levy) smiles while talking to this family in 'Schitt's Creek.'
12 David Rose-Inspired Gifts To Send Your "Best Wishes, Warmest Regards" This Season

It won’t be hard to connect with these gift ideas right now.

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From his sweaters to his one-liners, it’s no wonder David Rose from Schitt's Creek is one of TV's most beloved characters. Anytime you rewatch the series on Netflix, you find yourself wishing you could be actual BFFs with David. With the holiday season here, you could even take inspiration from your fictional bestie when shopping for your IRL ones by getting some Schitt's Creek David-inspired gifts for every fan on your list.

There are so many memorable David moments in the series, from when he hilariously bickers with his sister, Alexis, to when he’s being absolutely adorable with Patrick. Let’s not forget all the times he hangs out with Stevie or gets frustrated with his parents. It’s what makes Schitt’s Creek so rewatchable. As you’re revisiting some of your favorite scenes, you may notice that there are plenty of David Rose-inspired gift ideas scattered throughout. For instance, your foodie friend may want new spoons for making family recipe enchiladas at home and folding in the cheese. You could even treat your bestie to some pampering products from David’s Rose Apothecary store with a craft care package for unwinding. David's fashionable sweaters could even influence you to find some Schitt’s Creek-inspired gifts for your most stylish BFF to wear.

Whatever your loved one is interested in, you're sure to find a David Rose-inspired Schitt’s Creek gift from this list that is "simply the best." A thoughtful present this time of year is the best way to send your “best wishes” and “warmest regards.”

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A David Rose Sweater

While every member of the Rose family has a signature style, David and his sweaters are truly iconic. Your stylish BFF would love to add a David-inspired clothing item to their closet, so why not give them a sweater that looks like one David wears in the show? Etsy has tons of recreations for you to choose from like his memorable lightning bolt collar sweater. There’s also his heart sweatshirt ($30, Etsy) and even a recreation of his "Icon" sweatshirt ($20, Etsy).

A Very Quotable David Mug

For your coffee-loving friend, get them a David Rose mug with one of his best quotes on it. This mug from Always Fits has a cute drawing of David with "I'm trying very hard not to connect to people right now," which is relatable first thing in the morning.

A Rose Apothecary Lip Balm

The closest you'll get to visiting David's Rose Apothecary in real life is with the new Schitt's Creek x Beekman 1802 collab. The collection is so popular that items are selling fast, but you can still get the beauty guru in your life a Rose Apothecary tinted lip balm. Actually, this lip balm will come in handy on those especially cold winter days, so it's an essential stocking stuffer for any Schitt's Creek fan.

A Wooden Spoon To "Fold In The Cheese"

No matter how many times you've seen the show, you still don't know how to fold in the cheese. This LOL-worthy scene with Moira and David always has your foodie friend laughing, so wooden spoons that have "fold in the cheese" quotes on them is a perfect gift idea. They can use them whenever they're making holiday dinner or family recipe enchiladas. (Oh, and when they fold in the cheese.)

Some Statement Sunglasses

Along with his iconic sweaters, David can be seen wearing black sunglasses throughout Schitt’s Creek. Get your stylish bestie their own pair of statement sunglasses to rock on those extra sunny days. A signature black pair will match just about any #OOTD they have planned.

"Simply The Best" Matching Bracelets

For the Patrick to your David, get a gift that is "simply the best." These matching bracelets pay homage to the sweet scenes in the show where Patrick and David perform for each other. You can even get your bracelets customized with your anniversary date engraved on the inside.

A "Best Wishes, Warmest Regards" Welcome Mat

If Stevie and David's relationship reminds you of the relationship you have with your own BFF, you might want to get a "best wishes, warmest regards" gift for them. On Etsy, you can find sweatshirts ($36, Etsy) and coffee mugs ($20, Etsy), but nothing is more perfect than this welcome mat. As guests come over, they'll be greeted with a "best wishes, warmest regards."

A Schitt's Creek Coloring Book

When your friend is feeling like David and needs to "not connect with people right now," they can destress with a Schitt's Creek coloring book. Put together a DIY craft box with this coloring book, some pencils ($20, Arteza), and maybe even some rhinestones ($3, Michaels). You know, in case they're thinking of bedazzling something.

A Beyoncé Notebook

Like Beyoncé (and David), your friend excels as a solo artist. Get them a notebook featuring Queen Bey on the front. It'll come in handy whenever your friend needs to jot something down or journal their feelings.

Schitt’s Creek Wine Glasses

Your friend may love wine. Similar to David, the label may not even matter to them, they just love an occasional glass with their dinner or movie nights with friends. Either way, you’ll want to get them some new Rosebud Motel wine glasses. You could even throw in a nice fruit wine bottle like Herb Ertlinger’s to complete the Schitt’s Creek gift.

A Rose Apothecary Throw Pillow

This Rose Apothecary pillow is both a great home decor gift and something for the cozy queen in your life. It’ll be perfect for your bestie who just moved into their own place or wants to makeover their dorm room. At the same time, it can be used for getting comfy while rewatching all of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. Multifunctionality at its best.

“Simply The Best” Schitt’s Creek Candle

A candle is always a great gift idea and Etsy has tons of candles inspired by all your favorite pop culture characters. Strange Wicks has a few Schitt’s Creek-inspired candles in their collection, but this Simply the Best candle is, well, simply the best. It pays homage to David and Patrick’s sweet relationship with citrus, sea salt, and even cardamom fragrances.

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