The cast of 'Schitt's Creek' in the series finale.
12 Gift Ideas For The Schitt's Creek Fans In Your Life

No one will be saying "ew" to these.

by Ani Bundel
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When Dan Levy got together with his father, Eugene Levy, to create the Canadian comedy Schitt's Creek, neither knew it would be arguably the biggest hit of their careers (so far). The show started modestly on the CBC in Canada, with secondary airings on the little-noticed Pop TV in the United States to follow. But by 2020, the show was a downright phenomenon, especially after its final season swept the Emmys and hit Netflix. If you have a Rose family superfan in your life, these Schitt's Creek gift ideas are exactly what you need to give a present that is "simply the best."

The best way to shop for clothing and knickknacks when it comes to TV fans is to think a bit outside the box. There's always the obvious choice of getting stuff branded with the Schitt's Creek logo. But for hardcore fans, especially those of shows that started with cult followings like Schitt's Creek did, it's best to aim for something that isn't immediately recognizable to those who don't watch. When it comes to comedy, in-jokes are not just funny, but also a sign of solidarity. With that in mind, here are several items your favorite Schitt's Creek fan will find hilarious.

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Rose Apothecary Sweatshirt

Case in point for going for the in-fandom item: this Rose Apothecary sweatshirt. Fans will squeal with delight to be wearing a shirt advertising David and Patrick's general store, while non-fans will never know it's referencing a TV show.


“Fold In The Cheese” Apron

Kitchen gear is always popular during the holidays. There are tons of spatulas that say "Fold in the Cheese" and plenty of "Ew, David" mugs. But this apron manages to combine two Schitt's Creek catchphrases in one.


Schitt’s Creek Kitchen Towels

When someone asks for a towel, they really want a towel. No one will have to ask thrice for this kitchen towel, even if they are Moira Rose.


David's Sunglasses

For those looking to dress like David Rose, his oversized white-framed sunglasses are a must-have. This version, appropriately named the "Elton" for Elton John, are fabulous — and fabulously priced.


Schitt's Creek Commentary Candle Gift Pack

This three-pack of candles includes Sandalwood, Hawaiian Paradise, and Lavender Vanilla scents. But more importantly, they are decorated with iconic Schitt's Creek phrases.


“Welcome To Schitt's Creek” Shirt

Straight from the official Schitt's Creek store, it's a t-shirt welcoming everyone to live in Schitt's Creek. A must-have for those who have been watching the show since the first season aired in 2015, when the Rose family first arrived in town.


Schitt’s Creek Stemless Wineglasses

David's brutally honest quote, "It's my turn to take a selfish," was an instant classic the first time fans heard it. Now, you can get real about your wants and needs too.


Alexis Rose Keychain

Alexis' famous phrase is one of the most commonly quoted ones from the whole show. It's only appropriate her outlook winds up attached to the keys that can take you on a journey of your own.


Schitt's Creek Face Mask

No gift list in 2020 is complete without masks, and Schitt's Creek provides. There are several variations, from face coverings emblazoned with the Rosebud Motel logo to ones sporting David's face.


Rosebud Motel Mug

Who wants to wake up and smell the coffee? People who stay in the Rosebud Motel, obvs! This coffee mug is perfect for anyone who wants to rep their favorite small town hoteliers.


Schitt's Creek Complete Collection

But what do Schitt's Creek fans want most? More Schitt's Creek. Free them from the tyranny of figuring out where the show is streaming this week or the next by buying the Blu-ray/DVD box set. This way, they can watch their favorite episodes whenever and wherever they want.

All seasons of Schitt’s Creek are streaming on Netflix.

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