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20 Recipes That Use Up All The Extra Milk Sitting In Your Fridge

Trust. These recipes are udderly delicious.

by Kate Ryan and Amanda Arnold
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Milk is the most consistent item on your grocery shopping list. You need it for almost everything, from homemade coffee drinks to “treat yourself” desserts. You always want to make sure you buy enough milk that you're never in a bind, especially when the late-night cereal cravings hit. However, milk can spoil quickly if you don’t use it in time. If you ever find yourself with too much milk and a fast-approaching expiration date, there are plenty of fun ways to use extra milk to make some amazing treats.

Spoiler alert, you may even have a rapidly aging carton in the fridge right now. If that’s the case, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. All you need to do is pay close attention to these 20 recipes that use a lot of milk. There are tons of creative ways to use up what’s left from treating yourself to a homemade milk facial to making some cheese. If you happen to have bananas and milk that are both going bad, that’s a sign straight from the universe that delicious banana bread is in your near future. All you need to do is put your creativity cap on and show off your skills in the kitchen with any of these udderly great ways to use expiring milk right now.

1. When In Doubt, Make Cheese

Surprisingly, this idea is a lot less complicated than it sounds. Check out this recipe for homemade mozzarella cheese to see how you can whip up something delicious. Don’t forget the sliced tomato, basil, and olive oil drizzle when it comes time to eat.

2. Make Even More Cheese

If you’re not a major fan of mozzarella, this homemade ricotta recipe is a great alternative. Add the ricotta to your pasta dinner or eat it as is. You could even show off your homemade ricotta in a ricotta toast TikTok.

3. Add Some To A Banana Cake

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If you happen to have too much milk and overripe bananas lying around, this recipe for gooey banana cake is a perfect and delicious solution. You could even say it’s a-peeling. Snack time just got a major upgrade.

4. Make Yogurt

Homemade yogurt tastes so much better than anything you could buy at the store. However, according to this recipe via The Kitchn, you do need a little yogurt to get the process started (in addition to your milk). Once you make some of your own, you’ll be hooked.

5. Give Yourself A Milk Facial

According to natural-beauty expert Paige Padgett in an article via Women's Health, milk has amazing benefits for your skin. Use extra milk to cleanse, tone, and soften that beautiful face of yours. If you had a sheet mask maker ($80, My Make-Up Brush Set), you could even use that to make tons of face masks with leftover milk.

6. Use It To Cook Chicken

This article on The Kitchn dubbed Jamie Oliver's recipe for milk-braised chicken "probably the best chicken recipe of all time." With that endorsement, why not try it out for yourself? It could even be your go-to dish for date night at home.

7. Whip Up Some Pancakes

Milk and pancakes go hand-in-hand for so many reasons. You can use milk in pancakes, you can drink milk with your pancakes, and you can even use your homemade ricotta in homemade ricotta pancakes. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

8. Make Macaroni And Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is the greatest of all time, so why not make it even better with extra creaminess? Check out this stovetop mac and cheese that’s boiled in milk for a special treat.

9. Save Money And Make Your Latte At Home

Don't waste $5 on a latte when you have spare milk lying around. Make your own at home. Head to Pinterest for homemade latte inspiration. There are a ton of different recipes to choose from. (As a side note, this is a great opportunity to practice your latte art.)

10. Make Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is a classic favorite for a reason. It's sweet, nostalgic, and the perfect treat for movie night. Check out this “chocolate milk for one” recipe by Baking Mischief so you don’t have to share.

11. Shake Up Your Weekend Plans With A Milkshake (Or A Few)

Here are 50 milkshake recipes to get you started. Try one, try a few, or invite your friends over to try them all. Milkshakes for everyone!

12. Freeze It

If you're not inspired to do any of the above things, just freeze your extra milk. It'll be there when you need it. With it frozen, it’ll also work better for frozen drinks.

13. If Your Milk Has Gone Sour, You Can Still Use It For Gardening

Even if your milk has gone a little sour, there are still ways you can use it. According to TreeHugger, you can use sour milk for gardening, crafts, and beyond. But if that sour milk is ultra-pasteurized, just forget about it and dump it down the drain.

14. You Can Also Bake With Sour Milk (Seriously)

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While you probably shouldn’t enjoy a tall glass of milk that’s started to go sour, you can bake with it (so long as it isn’t too spoiled.) Try using it in biscuits, bread, or any recipe that calls for it; the sourness will lend the finished product a nice tang.

15. Make Buttermilk

If you forgot to pick up a carton of buttermilk at the grocery, don’t fret. Just add one tablespoon of freshly-squeezed lemon juice or distilled white vinegar to one scant cup of milk. Once you’ve thoroughly stirred the liquid and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, it’s ready to use!

16. Try Out A Traditional American Recipe

Let milk be the star of the show in hot milk cake, a simple, old-fashioned recipe that was popular during the Great Depression. The vanilla-scented cake is super springy and moist, and it couldn’t be easier to make. Make it for a movie night treat.

17. Make Pudding

If you’re absolutely swimming in milk, get out your mixing bowls and make pudding from scratch. Keep it classic with chocolate or butterscotch, or let one of these recipes inspire you. Pretty soon, you won’t be pudding up with expiring milk any longer.

18. Throw Together A Creamy Soup

Another way to use up a lot of milk: a rich, creamy soup. There’s nothing like a comforting bowl of potato soup on a damp, cool day. You could even make a homemade bread bowl to really make it souper.

19. Mix Up A Boozy Punch

Sure, boozy milk punches may be associated with the holiday season, but who says you can’t enjoy them year-round? Use brandy or whiskey (or whatever you have on hand, really), and don’t forget the sprinkle of nutmeg. Don’t forget to put it in a cute mug.

20. Make A Big Batch Of Overnight Oats

There’s a reason overnight oats have exploded in popularity in recent years — they’re delicious, filling, and super versatile. The low-fuss breakfast is great with fruit and nut butter, but who’s stopping you from throwing in chocolate chips? You could even meal prep some overnight oats in cute mason jars for the week.

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