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A couple making jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween may be in need of some cute pumpkin carving captions ...

40 Pumpkin-Themed Captions For Couples That'll Spice Up Your Feed

It’s time to plan a date to the pumpkin patch.

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Dating in the fall is the coziest and cutest of all seasons. You and bae can take a romantic stroll through the vibrant foliage in your flannels, keep each other warm in the park while you sip pumpkin spice lattes, and go on the most adorable date of all: visiting a farm to pick pumpkins. When you're feeling the festive vibes of the season, you should snap a selfie to document the moment and eventually post it to the ‘Gram. That's when you'll need pumpkin captions for couples to perfect your IG post.

Farm visits might be your favorite fall activity. You and bae love being surrounded by rows of orange pumpkins, ordering apple cider donuts, and looking at the cute farm animals. After you choose the best pumpkins in the patch, that's when the fun truly begins. You can take home your pumpkins to carve spooky or cute jack-o'-lanterns, bake pumpkin seeds for snacks (don’t forget the salt and cinnamon), and use whatever's left to make tasty pumpkin-flavored treats. On Halloween night, set your pumpkins out on the front porch with a flickering candle inside to pass out candy to the neighbors.

With all the pumpkin fun there is to be had, it's no wonder why you're looking for captions to pair with your couples pics. Why post just one pumpkin photo this year? You know you want to, so go ahead and post all of your favorites in photo dumps organized by fall activity. You already have a knack for picking out the cutest pumpkin in the patch, because you have an adorable bae who's ready to do all the fun things you want to do this season. So put your skills together to pick out the best one from these 40 pumpkin captions for couples.

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Captions For Fall Date Night

  • "I love you a pumpkin spice latte."
  • I like to pumpkin spice and chill with you."
  • "I always have pumpkin to talk about with you."
  • "Orange you glad to be my pumpkin?"
  • "Decided to spice up date night with my pumpkin."
  • "You're my cutie (pumpkin) pie."
  • "Pumpkin pie with bae fixes everything."
  • "Get you a bae who does all the cute fall things with you."
  • I've only got pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes for you."

Captions At The Pumpkin Patch

  • "I'm so glad I picked you as my pumpkin."
  • "I've fallen for this pumpkin right here."
  • "Felt cute, might carve pumpkins later."
  • "You are my pick of the patch."
  • "Pie love spending time with my pumpkin."
  • "We are the definition of #SquashGoals."
  • "One gourdgeous couple right here."
  • "Every day is a gourd day with you."
  • "You're the only person I want to get lost in a pumpkin patch with."
  • "I know we're supposed to be picking out a pumpkin, but I'm too distracted by how cute you are."
  • "Just spicing things up with a pumpkin-filled date."
  • "Hay there, pumpkin."
  • "I've bean thinking that we should get some Pumpkin Spice Lattes."
  • "Sorry for getting all mushy, but I just love my pumpkin."
  • "Having a gourd time with you is easy."
  • "Just a little spice of life with my pumpkin."
  • "If it involves pumpkins and spending time with you, I'm all in."
  • "My bae is super jacked."
  • "Orange looks good on us."
  • "I've fallen for this pumpkin, and I don't plan on getting up."
  • “Slipped on a pumpkin today. It caught me off gourd.”
  • “I picked a good one.”
  • “We’re the cutest pumpkins in the patch.”

Captions For Carving Pumpkins

  • "You've carved a place in my heart."
  • "Carving out some fun with bae."
  • "You're one smashing pumpkin."
  • "Get you a pumpkin as well-rounded as mine."
  • "If you're the pumpkin king, I'll be your pumpkin queen."
  • "Time flies when you're having pum-pkin."
  • “Time to get lit.”
  • “I love you, pumpkin.”

Once you find some captions that speak to your pumpkin-loving soul, get ready to have a gourdgeous day with your favorite human. Happy fall, ya'll.

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