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8 POV TikTok Ideas For Sharing Your OOTD Slay

“Lately, I’ve been dressin’ for revenge.”

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If you’ve been over Instagram ‘fit pics lately, TikTok is the perfect platform for showing off your “outfit of the day” in creative ways. Whether you’re stunting to “Vigilante Sh*t” by Taylor Swift or weaving your outfit into a funny joke trend, TikTok gives you so many ways to represent your authentic style. Fall is also the perfect time to go all out with accessories and cozy layers. You look forward to this time all year to throw on blanket-like sweaters and funky flared pants, no matter if you’re going out with the girls or hosting a chill dinner party at home. You can even get your besties in your OOTD TikTok to show off your squad’s complete slay. If you’re blanking on where to start or can’t find that hilarious sound you saved a while back, don’t sweat it, because we’ve rounded up eight trending POV TikTok ideas for showing off your outfit.

Bookmark these glow-up transition sounds for when you’re out and about and want to document your cute look, because it’d be a shame if no one saw you looking this good. You can start recording the transitions before you get ready, save them as a draft to your profile, and then continue filming once you’re all glammed up and gorgeous. You can even use these sounds to remember your favorite outfit combos. So, if your brain’s bursting with fashion inspiration, throw on all your favorite outfits and record a TikTok to remember the looks and show off your style. Whether you’re feeling sassy or cute, check out these popular POV transition sounds for OOTD TikToks.

“Vigilante Sh*t” By Taylor Swift


This song was made for TikTok, especially when Taylor Swift sings “lately I’ve been dressin’ for revenge.” The song’s practically begging you to show off a slay. @amandadiaz shows us how it’s done, by starting the chorus mid-makeup and finishing the video in a sharp red velvet suit. Did you “draw a cat eye sharp enough to kill a man?” This song is also perfect for glam transitions.

“I’m Too Emotionally Invested In My Clothes”


This sounds gives major it-girl energy for when you want to show off a fashion-forward outfit. In @elliezeiler’s TikTok, it goes, “everyone wants to know why I don’t have a boyfriends right now and the answer is, I’m too emotionally invested in my clothes to give any time to a boy.” This POV OOTD idea is perfect for casual poses that highlight a “cool girl” ‘fit.

“Calling All Homies”


This spooky beat posted by @tracy.oj is definitely one you should bookmark for when you’re transforming into a dark and cool outfit. It even has a countdown that goes “one, two, three, four” to build suspense for your pop-off.

Changing The Channel


This next TikTok idea will work best if you have a lot of outfits you want to feature. The sound is reminiscent of button noises when you change the channel on a TV remote, so in @georgiediggins’s TikTok, she quickly transitions between a bunch of different looks. This POV is simple but packs a lot of punch.

“Cooler Than Me”


@bysandylin showed a tutorial for this transition that comes from a sped-up version of the song “Cooler Than Me” by Mike Posner. With this idea, you’ll start the “before shot” when he sings “But you don't know the way that you look, when your steps make that much noise...” and then you show your glow up right after the line, “shh, see?” You can be creative and peek around the frame for this one like she shows, as if you’re sneaking in for a surprise slay.

“Nobody Move, There’s Blood On The Floor”


@nico1eodeon shared a transition time that works for your more edgy transformations. The sound comes from Thundercat’s song “Them Changes,” and goes, “Nobody move, there’s blood on the floor and I can’t find my heart.” When the “floor” line happens, she sets her phone down for an upward view, before cutting to a front shot of her outfit. The song gives a funky, eerie vibe that’ll seamlessly transition your pretty “before” clip to a dark glam look.

“B*tch, I'm Stylish”


Armani White’s song “Billie Eilish” is a major TikTok trend right now and is ideal for OOTD videos. This POV idea by @momosnocone uses a remix of the song, where after the line, “b*tch, I'm stylish,” you yank the collar of your shirt for suspense to the beat, until it transitions to your fit at the line “big t-shirt, Billie Eilish.” When the beat drops, you can strike a pose in a fresh ‘fit.

Simple Beat Transition


This sound works as a blank canvas for any kind of transformation where you’re switching between outfits. @dhivya.srii used it by doing a swiping motion with her hand and then cutting to her post-glam look, but you can use this simple beat for strutting around in a cute outfit or switching out accessories to change up your outfit.

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