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10 Fun POV Duet Ideas On TikTok To Try That Are Trending Right Now

Just like Ariana sang, “I'd love to see me from your point of view.”

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TikTok really is the gift that keeps on giving and it’s especially hitting different this summer. There’s always a new TikTok challenge, hit song, or funny sound to try out, with endless possibilities to express yourself and have fun with your friends. The newest trend on TikTok is creative POV or “point of view” videos that allow you to interact with other user’s content. Of course, since there are so many people doing it, there are so many different types of POV videos to try out for yourself. If you want to take your own spin on the trend but don’t know where to start, check out these ten fun POV duet ideas on TikTok.

The POV TikTok trend is basically where you duet another person’s TikTok video and add another perspective or expand upon whatever story the original video is telling. This can look like video reactions, fill-in-the-pause conversations, and scripted skits. You could pretty make a point of view for any video you want, as long as the TikTok allows duets, which you can tell by clicking the “share” button on the lower left of the TikTok screen. Then, you can start recording alongside the original video. If you want to create your own POV duet prompt instead, make sure to go into your privacy settings and allow for users to duet your content. You never know who in the world will see your video and add their unique perspective! Before you spend hours scrolling through the #POV tag, check out these ten trending POV duet TikTok ideas that are super easy and fun to try.

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1. Behind The Scenes POV

This “behind the scenes” point of view style is a new way to react to an exciting moment captured on video. Pretend you’re the paparazzi or film crew on the set of a viral moment. You can duet any video of proposals, animals doing something cute, celebrities, or really anything you’d whip your camera out for.


2. Give Your Narration POV

If you’re scrolling your For You page and come across a TikTok about a subject you’re passionate about, share your knowledge in a duet. You can narrate, say, a nature video or a timelapse of someone performing a skill you know about, and share your insight on the other side of the screen.


3. Duet A Celeb

If there’s something you urgently need to share with your favorite celebrity, why not send the message via TikTok? You never know if they’ll respond with a duet reacting to you. Whether you have a new remix of their song you want them to hear, want them to see you modeling their merch, or you just want to say “hey,” try out this POV duet idea that got Lizzo’s attention.


4. Share Your Reaction

There’s nothing like a super satisfying TikTok video to totally zone out to. For some reason, it often feels more satisfying when you’re reacting with someone else. Duet your POV watching a satisfying video, whether that is a clips of someone drawing with clean lines, cutting into bar soap, or making ASMR sounds.


5. Practice Your Comedic Acting Skills

On TikTok, everyone’s a star. So show off your acting skills with a scripted comedic skit you can jump into for a funny POV duet idea. The original creator will be on one side of the conversation and you will be on the other, reciting the lines that flash on the screen. You can also use props. Just make sure to be expressive in your actions, as if you were on a sitcom.


6. Practice Dramatic Acting Skills

Just like the previous POV duet idea, you can also pretend you’re in a scene of a suspenseful drama series. The original creator will set the mood with their lighting and music, so be sure to match the vibe with your costume and dark background. Show off your super serious side with this intense acting challenge. If you can cry on demand, it’s your time to shine.


7. POV: The Girls Are Hyping You Up

Hearing all your girls cheering you on is an amazing feeling. With this funny POV duet idea, you can replicate that. Do you have a video of you doing something you’re proud of? Maybe you really liked your outfit, cooked a delicious meal, or taught your dog a new trick. This duet idea applies to positive moments you’re excited to celebrate on your TikTok page.


8. Sing One Side of A Music Video Duet

Ever want to belt out your favorite side of an emotional duet? With this POV idea, you can film your side of the music video, especially if the lyrics are literal and direct you to act it out. Your viewers can then duet how they’d film their side of the video. There are so many songs you can use for this, from current hit songs to movie musical soundtracks.


9. Practice Your Accents

This funny TikTok duet prompt allows you to show your POV in the world by comparing accents with other users. For this one, the original creator will say a word that brings out their accent, then they will pause for you to respond the way you say it in your accent. You can make your own list of words to compare with other people across the globe, too. If you like to mimic accents, you can use this for practice.


10. Show Off Your Singing Voice

This POV duet is almost the musical definition of “duet.” This is a fun exercise to display your singing chops, where the original creator will sing a tune, and you will copy and respond on your side of the screen in your beautiful voice. You could even make your own with Ariana Grande’s song called “pov,” so it’ll literally be a “pov” duet in a POV TikTok duet.