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Kylie Jenner gushed about her love of TikTok after she trashed Instagram's recent changes.

Kylie Called TikTok Her "Favorite Place To Be" After Trashing Instagram

The shade is so real.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

There was a time when Kylie Jenner was the undisputed queen of Instagram, but lately, she’s shunned the app for another social media platform. The reality TV star and mega-influencer threw shade at Instagram again, days after calling out the photo-sharing app for trying to be like TikTok. This time, she posted her nighttime routine to TikTok on July 29 and not-so-subtly said “TikTok is my favorite place to be.”

The Instagram drama all started when users noticed the feed had changed formats earlier this summer, automatically putting users in dark mode, focusing more on videos than photos, and making posts go full-screen while scrolling. The change wasn’t well-received, especially not by IG royalty Jenner and her big sis Kim Kardashian. On July 25, the duo both shared an Instagram post by photographer Tati Bruening on their IG Story criticizing the changes. The post read, “Make Instagram Instagram again (stop trying to be TikTok I just want to see cute photos of my friends.) Sincerely, Everyone).” Jenner went the extra mile to add “PLEASEEEEEEE” to her Story.

It might not strike you as anything remarkable, but as the second most followed account on Instagram with 362 million followers on Instagram, Jenner has a lot of influence. Bruening’s post now has over 2.2 million likes and her “Make Instagram Instagram Again” petition has nearly 270,000 signatures, so clearly Jenner’s Instagram Story made waves.

And Jenner didn’t stop throwing some shade at IG there. In Jenner’s get unready with me TikTok video on July 29, she gushed about the video app while wearing a gray robe as she did her skincare routine using Kylie Cosmetics products, obviously. “I just finished my shoot. I was taking off my makeup and then I decided to film a three minute TikTok because TikTok is my favorite place to be,” she said in the video.

She briefly paused after saying “TikTok is…” and quickly finished her sentence with “... my favorite place to be” before switching topics to the “giant fly” that was in her room “buzzing around.”

Jenner has made it clear that she’s a TikTok stan, constantly posting life updates and cute videos with her daughter Stormi on the app. The official TikTok account even commented on the video, “I love active Kylie.”

Jenner is far from alone in her recent aversion to Instagram. After a slew of backlash from Instagram users about the excessive changes to the app, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said on July 28 that they will be taking “a big step back” and reducing the amount of Recommendations you see in your feed from people you don’t follow. So it sounds like IG will be getting back to the way it was soon enough, and honestly, we all might have Jenner to thank for that.