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8 POV TikTok Ideas For Going Back To School That’ll Make You LOL

These will get you an automatic A+.

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School is back in session. After a year of virtual classes, a lot of students are preparing to head back to school IRL this semester. Chances are you can’t wait to be reunited with your crew after your summer vacay and show off all the new ‘fits you just bought. After you’ve gathered all your supplies and shared your OOTD with your BFFs, you’ll want to round up some POV TikTok ideas for back-to-school videos you can make your first week.

Sometimes it feels like your TikTok FYP is reading your mind. Now that back-to-school season here, you’ve probably seen a few POV TikToks that have made you LOL with how accurate they are. They’ve covered all the bases from shopping for new clothes and arriving on the first day of class to doing a reveal for your dorm room. At this point, you’ve potentially seen so many relatable TikToks that you’re thinking it’s time for you to make a few of your own.

Along with being hilarious, back-to-school POV TikTok videos are so great because they become the perfect time capsules. At the end of the school year, you can look back to see where you began in a super cute way. So, take some inspiration from these POV TikTok videos and make your own memories for everyone to see.

Back-To-School Check

A cute way to document your first day is with a back-to-school check video. Follow TikToker @annyisadummiee’s lead and record yourself getting ready in your first day ‘fit. You can even try to use some cute transitions as you add on the different accessories and pack your backpack with supplies.

A Week Of Back-To-School Outfits

If you’ve already pre-planned your entire first week of back-to-school outfits, try making a video like this one from TikToker @1ove.f4iry. Just lay out your entire outfit with accessories on your bed for each day. Use the “Text” tool to add in labels if you know which day of the week you’ll be wearing each ‘fit.

The “Oh Lord” Trend

The “Oh Lord” sound has been trending for some time on TikTok. It’s used for anyone having a major realization, similar to you realizing how quickly the school year is approaching. For a LOL-worthy TikTok, make a video similar to that of TikToker @kendallmccaskill. Just record yourself in complete shock and use the “Text” tool to write out your POV about how you’re feeling. Take some cues from @kendallmccaskill and try to be as specific as you can.

Favorite School Supplies

First day of school outfits aren’t the only thing you can’t wait to show off. You also take pride in your all your school supplies. Show off your favorite glitter gel pens, notebooks, and highlighters with this POV school supplies TikTok idea from TikToker @ang_chowmein. Just film your supplies all laid out and label them with the “Text” tool.

Back-To-School Lunch

If you’re a foodie who is proud to show off what you’re packing for lunch, make a POV lunch TikTok like TikToker @krystleklear1. For some really adorable lunch packing TikToks, follow TikToker @lizastian, who is always packing Instagram-worthy meals featuring fun shapes and the cutest containers.

First Day Of School Mix

For a full rundown of your first day, make a POV TikTok like this one from TikToker @bellagrippo. The sound in this video is what really makes it hilarious. Start in the beginning of the day with you getting ready and finish it off with you walking down the halls on the way to class.

Shopping With Your Mom

If you’ve got a great impersonation of your mom, try making a POV TikTok of what it’s like shopping with her for back-to-school clothes. TikToker @jakewcornell perfectly captures the chaotic energy a lot of moms have at the store. You could even duet @jakewcornell’s video to show the POV of your experience.

Riding The School Bus

If you’ve been on TikTok for awhile, you know this viral sound from TikToker @snarkymarky about the volume on the school bus being “astronomical.” It makes the perfect sound for a POV video of you riding the bus to school. You could even use the remixed version with Megan Thee Stallion’s “Captain Hook.”

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