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You can use one of these POV TikTok reveals when sharing a "before" and "after" of your dorm room.
These POV TikTok Ideas Were Made For Major Dorm Room Reveals

It’s the *glow-up* for me.

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College move-in day is always full of excitement. Before you meet your new roomies for the first time and check out all the welcome week events on campus, however, you’ll want to get settled in your dorm room and make it your own. After all, this will be your home away from home for the next year, so you’ve got to make it as cozy as possible. Before you start unpacking and decorating, though, you’ll want to make sure you capture the “before” and “after” to share it with your besties. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these POV TikTok ideas for a dorm room reveal video to inspire your own.

Every dorm room starts out as a blank canvas you get to make over. You may have plans to string up some fairy lights and put a collage wall together over your bed, and let’s not forget the super cute comforter you picked out from the store that perfectly matches your aesthetic. While you’ll love the finished product when everything is finally in place, it’ll be all the more gratifying if you capture all of your hard work moving in and decorating with a “before” and “after” point of view TikTok video.

All it takes is the right sound, transition, and footage of your empty dorm transforming to your fully furnished living space, and you’ve got something that will really wow your followers. If you’re not sure where to start, just check out these seven dorm room reveal TikTok ideas for point of view inspiration.

“To The Salon!”

Chances are you’ve seen a few transition videos using the “to the salon” sound from an episode of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse series. While it’s perfect for when you’re going to the salon for a new hairdo, it also works for dorm room reveals. There’s even a shorter version of the sound you can use for a shorter TikTok. Just record your empty dorm at the beginning, like TikToker @paige4326, and the final reveal at the end when Ken says, “I love it.”

Violin Transition

Another great sound to use is the #ViolinTransition, which combines Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica II” and “Buttons” from The Pussycat Dolls. Follow TikToker @tuthutlife’s lead with this POV TikTok and record your empty dorm room for the Lady Gaga part. When it transitions into “Buttons,” that’s when you reveal your fully decorated dorm.

J. Cole’s Glow-Up Trend

If a song has a good breakdown, you can be sure it’ll make a great reveal sound for TikTok. Case in point: J. Cole’s “No Role Modelz,” which has been used to show glow-ups before. Even Charli D’Amelio jumped on the trend to show what a different two years can make. Your dorm room can also go through its own glow-up, and you need a TikTok video to document the whole thing. All you need to do is film a “before” shot, like TikToker @emmy_g__, followed by the reveal at the end.

“You are Elastigirl!”

The “you are Elastigirl” pep talk from Edna Mode in The Incredibles is currently trending and has been used for everything from #BamaRush OOTDs to videos from Olympians like Grace McCallum. Since it’s perfect for a reveal, it’s a great sound to use for your POV dorm TikTok. To really make it stand out, add in the jerky camera-work like TikToker @niyeehh to emulate Edna knocking some sense into Elastigirl before the big reveal.

“Ummm Hello”

If you forgot to get a “before” shot, this POV TikTok using the “ummm hello” sound is just for you. It’s also the easiest dorm reveal. All you need to do is start filming outside your door, and after the “hello,” open it up to show off your room like TikToker @ally.knapp.

“Let’s Move Out”

The “let’s move out” sound is often used for home renovation TikToks, but it also works perfectly for a dorm room reveal. Similar to the other POV TikTok videos, film your empty dorm room from your door. Next, throw in your keys, like TikToker @katiefeeneyy, or toss in something small like it’s a grenade, and then quickly close the door. Shake the camera during the explosion sound to create a smooth transition. When you open the door again, you’ll reveal the room after you’ve decorated it. Thanks to the transition, it’ll look like everything just exploded into place.

The Doja Cat *Ding*

Doja Cat’s “Kiss Me More” has been trending on TikTok thanks to the ding sound effect in the song. It’s the perfect moment for a reveal, which is why TikTokers like @alexabluu have used it to show off their dorm decor. Just film your empty room prior to the ding, and the decorated room after. You can even tilt your phone back and forth for a fun transition and a seamless cut.