Use these rush ideas for TikTok to bring some #BamaRush vibes to your FYP.
Make Your Own Bama Rush-Inspired Videos With These 15 TikTok Ideas

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If you haven’t been glued to the #BamaRush side of TikTok, you’re seriously missing out. The sorority rush process at the University of Alabama gives viewers an inside look at how fun it is to join Greek life – but you’ve probably already seen all the fun because it’s trending all over the “For You” page. By now, you may have scrolled through some #OOTD posts and behind-the-scenes videos of people going from pre-rush to bid day. Whether you’re a hopeful freshman looking to join the house of your dreams or you’re already a sorority sister wanting to get in on the rush week fun, these sorority rush ideas for TikTok will help get you started.

Recruitment is a big deal, and you’ll definitely want to document the whole experience on social media as much as you can. It’s the beginning of a new chapter and your lifelong friends and allies through college will be on the other side. When you’re not posting a breakdown of your outfit of the day, get your fellow rushees or sisters together to watch any of these rush-week TikToks for inspiration. There are tons of different kinds of TikToks you can make for rush. Using different sounds and song clips, you can make some truly LOL-worthy and entertaining TikToks that are totally worthy of the FYP. Who knows, your video might go viral alongside your favorite rush moments.

Make sure all your TikTok ideas are ready because once rush week starts, you know you’ll be too busy having a blast meeting everyone and making memories. Whether rush week is coming up or you’ve still got a few months to go, you might find some cute rush week TikTok ideas for skits or funny videos to keep on the back-burner. Whatever the situation, these sorority rush TikTok ideas are here to inspire you and help you show off just how fun Greek life at your school can be.


A Sneak Peek Of Your Sorority House


Give potential new members a quick taste of what life is like in your sorority with this idea. @darcymcqueenyyy shares an inside look of the GPhi house in this #BamaRush TikTok. Obviously, she’s serving a disco cowgirl look, so you can film your “MTV Cribs”-style tour on a themed day to give viewers the full effect. Start the sneak peek at the front door to welcome rushees in, then mount the winding staircase or show off some of the common rooms.


Invite Viewers To The Party

This easy #BamaRush idea from @blairryoungg is a great way to show off how your house gets down. Invite viewers to your rush week party by filming short clips of the scene. You can catch your bestie busting a move, show everyone’s unique take on the outfit theme, and share all the goofiness that happens when the girls get together. Just edit all the clips together over your favorite party song.


“Never Go Against The Family”

Everyone knows that sorority life is as serious as The Godfather, which is why this hilarious TikTok sound is perfect to try out during ‘Bama rush week. @bellamartinaaaa from Pi Phi got her girls together to recite the sound. It starts with one person saying the iconic line, then it repeats a second time for someone else to mimic, and then breaks out into a fierce song you can strut to. It’s perfect for flexing your outfits or just making a powerful entrance as an undefeated squad.


“Roll Call” Dance

Try out the “Roll Call” dance shared by @kiragillespie_. In this #BamaRush TikTok idea, you can get a handful of sorority members together to try this cool #SquadMoment. The sound begins calling out “Roll Call” and the dance highlights each member in turn so you all have a chance to shine. It’s a super easy dance to learn so everyone can be involved.


Dance Battle Other Sorority Houses With This TikTok Sound

This trending #BamaRush TikTok dance is basically a way to dance battle with other houses. Its a huge group number with energetic choreography that you and the girls can learn between the week’s events. Once you’ve rehearsed the moves, film the epic dance on a day you’re all in matching outfits to slay the competition.


“It’s Seven In The Morning”


There’s no time for sleeping in during rush week. Whether you’re a rushee or a sister preparing all the events, you’ve got to be up early in the morning. That’s why this “it’s seven in the morning” sound from Lil Yachty is perfect for a rush week video.

It actually works best when you and your sisters are all dressed up in fun matching outfits like in this video from the sisters of Gamma Phi Beta. The more candy necklaces ($5, Dylan’s Candy Bar) and kaleidoscope glasses ($17, Amazon) you wear early in the morning, like TikToker @mackenzieeetaylorrr, the more LOL-worthy the TikTok will be.


Kendra Scott #OOTD

Jewelry from Kendra Scott seems to be pretty popular amongst the #BamaRush rushees. If you’ve got a lot of jewelry at home, make a funny #OOTD video using this mashup sound from Kendra Scott that repeatedly says “Kendra Scott” while showing off your bling.


“Potential Breakup Song”

Thanks to rush week, the “Potential Breakup Song” trend from TikTok has seen a bit of a resurgence. Inspired by the OG video from TikToker @miagillespiee, which featured a group of moms lip-syncing to “Potential Breakup Song” by Aly & AJ, you and your sisters can recreate this video while wearing your matching rush week outfits. The sisters of Phi Mu nail this in their cute pink outfits.


House Predictions

Leading up to the big news, film or write down each of your friend’s predictions about which sorority house they’ll receive a bid for. Not only will it build up the hype, but it’ll be fun seeing where everyone thought you might go followed immediately by the reveal. And don’t worry if you get it wrong like in @alexabluu’s take on the trend; wherever you end up is meant to be.


A Week Of Rush ‘Fits


Since rush week is a full seven days of super cute outfits you want to show off, you might want to make this TikTok video showing off your ‘fits for each day of the week. This sound from TikToker @HeyLoserFace allows you to show off what you’re wearing from Monday onward, like TikToker @emily_littel. It’ll especially be fun to see the progression from convocation day to bid day.


“You Are Elastigirl”

If you want to do a fun transition reveal for your #OOTD post, use this sound from The Incredibles when Edna gives Elastigirl a pep talk. TikToker @laurendanniels uses it in a cute way to show a before and after getting ready for rush week. Start off in your pjs and after the “pull yourself together” line, cut to a clip of you in your ‘fit. Use the timer function to achieve a seamless edit where you need it.


The Reba Theme Song

The theme song from Reba has been all over the “For You” page on TikTok. Use the “I’m a Survivor” song for when you’re working hard during rush week. It could be that you’re the only one who knows how to curl your friend’s hair like TikToker @piper_minick, or you’re a sister working long hours in membership selection like TikToker @bobbyflaybiggestfan. Either way, it works.


The “Low” Dance

Not only is the “Low” dance a trend for rush week, but it also works perfectly when you and your bestie want to show off your outfits together. All you need to do is pick up the dance steps, as demonstrated by TikToker @sydneyhuckaby and her sister. Do it just for pref day (the third and last day of formal recruitment) when you’re wearing formal attire or throughout the whole rush week.


“Day 'n' Nite” Photo Trend

If you and your sisters are wearing matching outfits, you’ll want to do this “Day 'n' Nite” photo trend from Kappa Delta. You’ll first want to snap pics of all your sisters in front of the same background. Then, when the song breaks down, use the green screen photo effect to showcase all the photos in time with the song. You could even wear the same sunglasses ($8, Amazon) like they do in the TikTok to keep it really consistent.


Check In With The Girls

If you’re too tired to dance from all the festivities, why not check in with your fellow sorority members about how they’re feeling about the process. You can use this format to interview them about their favorite part of Rush Week, like @darcymcqueenyyy, or check in at the end of the week for the review of ‘Bama Rush 2022.

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