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These OOTDs From Bama Rush TikTok Are Still Living In My Head Rent-Free

Not me googling “Pants Store near me.”

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It’s that time of year again. After exploding all over TikTok in 2021, Bama Rush TikTok is finally back. That means The Pants Store, Kendra Scott, and LuLus are all trending once more. I’m about to plan a dinner with someone’s MeeMaw just so I can shop at all of these adorable boutiques. Despite never rushing or, honestly, knowing any sorority’s names before Bama Rush took over my FYP, I couldn’t be more invested in the inner workings of the University of Alabama’s sorority rush process — and I’m not the only one. Luckily, rush season is back and that means all your Bama favorite fashion is too.

On Saturday, Aug. 6, beautiful chaos hit Bama’s campus as thousands of people began the university’s week-long sorority recruitment session prior to the start of school. The young hopefuls, known in the sorority world as Potential New Members (PNMs) are taking over TikTok’s For You Page once more as they document their Bama Rush journeys, starting with their outfits. The most recognizable Bama Rush TikTok videos are “Rush OOTDs” in which PNMs stand in front of the camera, list off the various aspects of their rush outfits, where they bought them, and, often, move out of the way for their roommates to step up and do the same.

After the truly intense popularity Bama Rush TikTok garnered last year, it’s no shock many PNMs are starting the trend up again. If you followed last year, get ready to see a lot of the same pieces again: jewelry from Kendra Scott, shorts from Lulus, earrings from SHEIN, a ring from someone’s deceased grandmother, dress from The Pants Store, and a good haul from Walmart or two thrown into the mix.

Buckle in for season two of your favorite TikTok reality TV show. Once you see them go through all open houses, sisterhood rounds, philanthropy rounds, and pref nights, you’ll be just as invested as the PNMs themselves. Ahead, the best Bama Rush TikTok OOTDs that’ll pull you down this Panhellenic rabbit hole if you’re not there already.


For her second day of rush, @tristan.little wore a rush shirt gifted to her by one of the sororities paired with a super cute, floral SHEIN skirt. When it came to accessories, the whole look was so #BamaRush: Her headband was Walmart, her necklace was Kendra Scott, ‘natch, and her bracelet was Kate Spade. Her shoes, earrings, and rings were all donated by her roommate. Roomies supporting roomies, you love to see it.


Madison Towner and her roommate Katie have gained a lot of fans thanks to their self-described “sophomores gone on a budget” looks. They’ve mastered channeling an adorable vibe that also checks off all the Bama boxes with their affordable ‘fits featuring brands like Halara, Sam’s Club, and SHEIN, along with pieces they already own.


@livinlikelizzie is absolutely slaying the brushed-up eyebrow look in her OOTD videos, but that’s not all that pops. She styled her new Bama Rush shirt with ultra-cute overalls from SHEIN and has the requisite Kendra Scott necklace and Tiffany bracelet, but the best part of her ‘fit is DIY. She went to Walmart, got some white sneakers and glued on pearls from a craft store for a super affordable, but luxe-looking moment.


Grant Sikes just may be the main character of Bama Rush 2022. With over 113,000 followers on TikTok, Sikes knows her audience is invested in what she’ll be wearing next. For day four of Rush, she paired a flouncy, black and white skirt from Amazon with jewelry and shoes from Target. Sikes literally has the best skirts I’ve ever seen and, because of this, I want all of her dreams to come true.


The ruffles on Madison’s Pink Lily shorts are too cute and they have pockets. To complete her muted, pink ‘fit, she added two adorable, Y2K butterfly clips. Rather than wearing sneakers, as seems to be the most popular footwear option at Bama Rush, she went with platform slides, a choice I wholly support.


I love a skort moment and this gingham one is really serving, especially with the apron-like style that lets you peep the shorts in the back. Keira Kotula’s also got an amazing, multi-color French manicure featuring some delicate florals to go with all of her Rush looks.


TikTok has been a big fan of @graynedmondon ever since she posted her first OOTD featuring funky, hot pink shorts from Free People. The shorts have a little volume to them and glittery stitching, so while they look comfortable, they’re also incredibly stylish.


To check out more than one outfit at once, @gracekarner keeps sharing her own OOTDs as well as those of her roommates. One of their standout videos is from Philanthropy Day Three when two of them wore super glossy bottoms. Grace went with a SHEIN skirt while Hayley wore shorts from the one and only The Pants Store.


Kylan Darnell is one of the high fashion girlies of this year’s PNMs. For her very first day of rush, she was decked out in a Gucci belt, shoes, and shorts with a shirt from Zara. Her jewelry was a mix of Louboutin, Cartier, Kendra Scott, and some affordable finds from Amazon.


Look at how strong Naomi Salazar’s match game is! Although purchased from different brands, her shoes and shorts are the exact same shade of pastel blue. Her matching pearl headband and earrings only make her look even sharper.


@abbyyhulbert is all about her pink ‘fits. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to choose just one of her videos to share because all of the pink pieces in her wardrobe are obsession-worthy. However, her Queen of Sparkles shorts deserve a special shout-out. They are so glitzy that they absolutely steal the show.

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