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Modern golden boho mirror with pearl necklaces on it, which is part of a pearlcore aesthetic.
12 Pearl Decor Items That’ll Bring The Mermaid Aesthetic To Your Home Or Party

The world is your oyster in 2022.

by Andrea Hannah

Now that 2022 is finally here, it’s time to goodbye to the sleek, modern home decor that took over much of the last decade. Now, it’s all about rich, luxurious textures and items with a vintage feel. While cottagecore and “grandma chic” have been on the rise for a minute, the newest decor trend that’s picking up speed is pearlcore, and these pearl decor items from Etsy will help you jump on board.

To be honest, pearls and pearl-themed decor items have been around for ages, but they’re just now gaining traction with Gen Z. Crafters have recently been making statement jewelry with pearls, which has led to even more crafty concoctions made from them. Now there are pearl picture frames, mother of pearl candy dishes, and wall art depicting the shimmery little gem made with a lot of time and a little grit.

What Is Pearlcore?

Pearlcore is a fashion and 2022 home decor trend that includes ample use of pearls and shimmery, iridescent materials that resemble them. Think: mermaid chic with a classic, vintage vibe. These tiny gems have been popping up on pearl garlands you can string around your windows, pearl gel nail art, pearl necklaces, and even pearl wedding decor.

If you’re ready for a home decor upgrade in 2022, you’ll want to check out some fabulous pearlcore items to turn your space into a dreamy sanctuary. Check out these 12 items for some inspo for the pearlcore aesthetic to get you started.

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This Mother Of Pearl Dish That Can Hold Your Pearl Jewelry

This iridescent pearl dish is the perfect piece to add to any room. You could place it in the bathroom for a mermaid-esque vibe, or put it beside your bed to hold your favorite trinkets.


This Pearl-Laden Garland That Has A Beachy Vibe

This 5-foot pearl-laden garland will add a touch of vintage beach chic to your home. It also features several large starfish, making this the perfect piece to turn your place into an oceanic haven.


A Pearl Garland For A Simple And Subtle Pearlcore Aesthetic

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, this delicate pearl and gold garland may be just the right fit. It’s 6-feet long and features dainty gold threads connecting pearls of different sizes. If you’re getting married, it’s also a great option for pearl wedding decor.


This Mother Of Pearl Planter And Candle Set For Pearlcore Decor

This handmade planter and candle set is sure to grab attention in your space. They’re made from a bone-colored ceramic and infused with pieces of mother of pearl to create the whimsical, geode effect. The planter is the perfect size for a succulent or two and the candle holders are great for tea lights.


This Handmade Shell Candle That Has A Tiny Gilded Pearl

Not only is this handmade shell candle completely adorable, but you can actually choose the scent you’d like for it. It’s made from natural soy wax and features a shimmery golden pearl in the center to match with the rest of your pearlcore items.


These Pearlcore Block Letters Embellished With Shimmery Pearls

Choose from any wooden letter, number, and a variety of symbols, then pick which color pearl accents to create a fully customizable piece for your home. You could go with a pink-hued shimmery number, a teal mermaid-colored letter, or something totally unique to your vision. It’s also the perfect piece if you want to add some pearl wedding decor to your celebration.


This Pearl Wall Art That’s Super Motivational

Give yourself an extra boost of motivation in the morning with this unique oyster art piece. It’s printed on cold-pressed cotton paper for the highest quality, and serves as a reminder that tough times often make beautiful things.


This Pearl Stand That Can Show Off Your Apps

Made from silky pearl resin and real crushed seashell, this iridescent stand is flat-out gorgeous. It’s great for serving appetizers and baked goods, and your guests are sure to comment on the stand just as much as the food.


Any Of These Pearl Frames To Show Off Your Photos

These gorgeous photo frames are completely covered in pearls, giving them a vintage look. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to show off your favorite photos in a unique way.


This Pearlcore Wall Hanging That’s Made From Shimmery Pearl Pieces

This pearly white and brass wall hanging is totally unique and sure to catch your guests’ eye with a pearlcore aesthetic. The shimmery “pearl” sections are made from heavy-duty polymer clay, while the metal pieces are made from hammered brass.


These Pearl Napkin Rings That You Can Bring Out For A Fancy Dinner

Instantly add a touch of elegance to your dinner party with these luxe pearl napkin rings. They come in a set of four, and each features a gold ring and is topped with two delicate faux pearls.


These Tiny Pearl Soaps That Smell Amazing

These shimmery bathroom soap smell like a dream and look like adorable little pearls. You can even choose which scent you’d like from a list of dozens, and they’re all made with high-quality ingredients.