Here’s what you need to know about where to buy Old Bay Goldfish dusted with seafood seasoning.

Old Bay Goldfish Crackers Now Exist For A Crunchy Take On A Seafood Classic

This is a seafood-lover’s dream, TBH.

Courtesy of Goldfish

Goldfish crackers might not be considered seafood, but for a limited time, you can pretend that they are. Goldfish teamed up with seasoning company Old Bay on May 9 to bring the savory seafood staple to the snack that smiles back, so if you’re a seafood fanatic — or you just like to add seasoning to everything — you won’t want to miss this. Here’s what you need to know about where to buy Old Bay Goldfish dusted with seafood seasoning before they’re gone for good.

The match made in seafood heaven, which was announced on May 9, takes everyone’s favorite Goldfish crackers and generously coats them in Old Bay’s zesty spice blend seasoning for the ultimate burst of flavor. ICYDK, the beloved spice blend that’s a cult-favorite in Maryland is made with 18 herbs and spices, including black pepper, paprika, celery salt, and red pepper flakes. If you thought Flavor Blasted Goldfish were packed with flavor, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The savory combo is rolling out in stores now and will be available for a limited time while supplies last. Yes, it’s a bummer, but that just means you’ll have to stock up on Old Bay Goldfish while you still can. Lucky for you, the limited edition treat will be pretty easy to find.

Once the new Old Bay-flavored Goldfish fully roll out in stores, you’ll be able to grab yours wherever Goldfish are sold. Yup, you’ll likely find them at the same places you currently stock up on Goldfish, like Target, Walmart, and Walgreens. And if you want to make sure the snack has officially made it to your area before heading out, you’ll also be to use the product locator on the Pepperidge Farm website to find a pack near you, according to a Goldfish brand spokesperson. You can expect to secure the 6.6-ounce bag of the flavorful snack for around $2.79.

Goldfish is no stranger to bold flavors. In 2021, the company teamed up with Frank’s RedHot to create a seriously fire collab, and before that, Goldfish debuted its Epic Crunch Nacho, Ranch, and Honey BBQ flavors in 2019. Sounds like the company knows what it’s doing, if you ask me.

The Old Bay seasoned crackers will be here before you know it, but until then, you can always grab a pack of the OG flavor and prep your tastebuds for the ultimate flavor experience.

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When you make your nest Target run hoping to spot Old Bay Goldfish, don’t forget to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.