These Goldfish Frank's RedHot sauce-flavored crackers will be available in May for a limited time.

These Frank's RedHot-Flavored Goldfish Crackers Are Truly A Fire Collab

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Courtesy of Goldfish

Goldfish crackers is turning up the heat on your summertime snacking. Starting in May 2021, the classic treat is getting a spicy update with the release of Goldfish Frank's RedHot sauce-flavored crackers — and the limited-edition mash-up sounds so fire. Plus, Goldfish is giving one lucky hot sauce stan the chance to win a free bag before it comes to stores.

While Goldfish is no stranger to unique flavor combinations (S'mores Grahams Goldfish, anyone?), its Frank's RedHot collaboration comes after 35,000 fans specifically asked for a new flavor that would bring the heat, according to the company. The crackers, which start with the cheesy and salty Goldfish flavor you know and love, get a fiery refresh from the notes of vinegar and premium aged cayenne peppers you've come to expect from Frank's RedHot sauce. Starting in May for a limited time, you'll be able to pick up 6.6-ounce bags of the spicy and cheesy snacks for just $2.49 at retailers nationwide.

While you'll have to wait until May to scoop up a bag (or five) at your local grocery store, Goldfish will be giving away a bag of the limited-edition crackers on April 27 — and it's so easy to cast your name in the running. All you have to do is go to the @GoldfishSmiles Instagram Story on April 27, then unlock and use the Goldfish Frank's RedHot crackers augmented reality filter in a Story of your own. Make sure to tag @GoldfishSmiles in your story and use the hashtag #Sweepstakes to post. If you're one of the 250 winners, you'll get a DM from the Goldfish Instagram account, so keep an eye out for that.

Courtesy of Goldfish

Sadly, nothing good lasts forever, and Goldfish Frank's RedHot crackers will only be available as long as supplies last (which, considering the collab was the most-requested one by fans, might not be very long). Only time will tell whether Goldfish crackers decides to debut a permanent spicy flavor for fans who like a little more heat than the OG crackers, but in the meantime, you'll want to stock up when you see this limited-edition mash-up in stores.

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