These New Ranch Epic Crunch Goldfish Crackers Taste Like Mini Tortilla Chips

Pepperidge Farm

You guys, Goldfish is about to release three new super crunchy flavors and I'm in heaven. Why? Well, Goldfish are the snack of my childhood. My mom usually packed the crunchy fish-shaped crackers in my lunch box or she gave them to me and my friends when I had people over to the house. Basically, I can't wait to get my hands on these new Goldfish Epic Crunch Nacho and Ranch flavors because each one sounds so savory.

It's been a hot minute since I've had a handful of Goldfish. It's not usually a snack I reach for at the grocery store these days, but that's all about to change. Pepperidge Farm just announced that the company is gearing up to roll out three new Epic Crunch Goldfish flavors in January 2019. I know, deep breaths because this is super exciting stuff. The Epic Crunch Goldfish flavors include Ranch, Nacho, and Honey BBQ. A quick deep dive into the history of Goldfish tells me that these three flavors have been done a different way before including Goldfish's Flavor Blasted Racing Ranch, Flavor Blasted Nacho Goldfish, and Flavor Blasted Burstin' BBQ.

Now that you know a little about the prior flavors, you might be wondering what the big deal is over these new bags of Goldfish. What makes these new Epic Crunch Goldfish flavors any different from other similar pairings? Goldfish are already pretty crunchy, but Epic Crunch takes the cracker to a whole new level.

Pepperidge Farm

The new style of Goldfish is a brand new invention from the Pepperidge Farm kitchen. The state-of-the-art recipe is amping up the crunch factor of the Goldfish you know and love. Just how crunchy is it? Well, according to the front of the new Epic Crunch bag packaging, your next bite is going to rival that of biting into a tortilla for all of the crunch. Think about your last round of chips and guac (or salsa) and then imaging chowing down on an equally crunchy Goldfish cracker.

With less than a week to go until 2019, the countdown to the new year is on. But I'm also counting down the days until I can buy a bag of Epic Crunch Goldfish. Personally, I'm a ranch kind of person. That's going to be the first flavor that I buy once the new Epic Crunch Goldfish flavors hit store shelves on Jan. 1, 2019.

Pepperidge Farm

According to packaging images, all three flavors of the Epic Crunch Goldfish are baked with whole grains and come in a variety of sizes including a larger resealable bag, snack-size portions, and the standard size bag of Goldfish that you're probably accustomed to buying. Once the new year hits, you should be able to find each flavor of Epic Crunch Goldfish at grocery stores nationwide (or anywhere that Goldfish are sold). A lot of stores are closed on Jan. 1. If you roll up on the morning of Jan. 2 and can't find any bags of Epic Crunch Goldfish, try again a little later. It can take store workers a little while to restock shelves after a busy holiday shopping season. Just trust the process, because Epic Crunch Goldfish are coming. No matter what, Goldfish will always be "the snack that smiles back."