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The Spiritual Meaning Of The October 2023 Lunar Eclipse

It’s OK to ask for more.

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Emo vibes always reach major highs during spooky season (and it’s not just because you’ve been consuming way too many scary movies). The sun traveling through the fixed water sign of Scorpio certainly helps set the tone. While the sign all about moving with intention is allowing you to lock in on all of your current obsessions, you may also find it difficult to lighten up a bit, especially since eclipse season is in full effect. As if this time of year wasn’t intense enough, the upcoming eclipse signifies an increase in your desire for support and stability in the physical realm. While this may sound like a distraction from your goal to remain ~ mysterious ~ and cool-headed, the spiritual meaning of the October 2023 partial lunar eclipse will conjure up all the needs that you’ve been suppressing.

What Is A Partial Lunar Eclipse?

A lunar eclipse happens during a full moon, when Earth blocks the sun’s rays from reaching the moon. As Earth “eclipses” the moon, it casts a shadow across the moon’s surface, oftentimes causing the moon to briefly take on a reddish hue. However, since this is considered to be a partial lunar eclipse, this will cause only a portion of the moon’s surface to be covered by Earth’s shadow.

When Does The October 2023 Lunar Eclipse Take Place?

At 4:24 p.m. EST on Oct. 28, the partial lunar eclipse will reach peak illumination at 5 degrees of Taurus. As this supercharged full moon takes place, everyone’s emotional needs will be at an all-time high. Since the moon will be in the sign of her exaltation, the desires of every zodiac sign will be incredibly evident. Whether you’re craving more money, deeper intimacy in relationships, or increased tangible security, the October lunar eclipse will reveal where you’ve been craving surplus.

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As the final eclipse along the Taurus-Scorpio axis, this powerful lunation is your last pivotal reminder of how essential it is to prioritize your pleasure and desire for sustained support. While Scorpio season’s placing plenty of emphasis on self-discipline and restraint, it’s essential that you don’t prevent yourself from taking part in your instinctual cravings. Whether it be better quality food, more money, or longer-lasting relationships, don’t allow fear or a scarcity mindset to keep you from fulfilling your needs. While keeping yourself from over-indulging can be helpful, you’re not greedy for wanting to enjoy life’s simple joys, especially when it’s tied to your livelihood. You’re not asking for too much by wanting to make more money, or wanting to live in a safe, comfortable environment, and as this lunar eclipse unfolds, you’ll be made aware of where you may need to indulge a little more.

The Taurus-ruled house in your birth chart is where you’ll find yourself focusing your efforts as the October lunar eclipse takes place. This is also where the eclipses have been taking place over the last two years, so it may be an area of your life you’ve witnessed some major changes unfold since 2021. As this eclipse cycle closes out, you may find that some of the themes around financial stability, comfort, and security that have been prominent in your life are shifting, but the lunation will be a reminder that you never have to deprive yourself of what you want, even if it seems superficial. If your body is telling you to go for it, don’t be afraid to say yes.