New Year's Eve
Check out these New Year's Eve memes to laugh your way into 2023.

12 New Year's Eve 2022 Memes To Laugh Your Way Into Next Year

Grab your fanciest pajamas.

Carol Yepes/Moment/Getty Images

Everyone knows time basically stands still the week after Christmas, but as soon as the New Year’s Eve hits, it’s all about the countdown. Even if you prefer to keep your NYE celebrations low-key, you can always count on the end-of-year holiday to close out the year with some seriously relatable (and hilarious) memes. Whether you’re spending NYE at home or braving the crowds to watch the ball drop in NYC, these 12 New Year’s Eve memes will have you laughing your way into 2023.

From Kim and Pete (and subsequently, Pete and EmRata) to the mess that was the Don’t Worry Darling press tour, 2022 was filled with memorable moments — and came with its fair share of meme-able moments, too. That’s why it only feels right to send off the year with even more jokes, laughs, and knee-slappers to hopefully bring some good meme luck into the new year. The best thing about New Year’s is that it’s celebrated all over the world, so you know there’s never a shortage of memes to describe exactly how you feel as the clock ticks closer to midnight.

Wherever you find yourself this New Year’s Eve, these Twitter memes know exactly how you’re feeling about saying goodbye to 2022.

Oh it’s raining on NYE? Ya, it’s gonna be a no for me, dog:

It really do be like that on NYE:

New Year’s Eve should just rebrand itself to National Treat Yourself Day, TBH:

I’ve already made plans with my bed, and I can’t cancel again:

Poppin’ bottles on Dec. 31 is cliché, but it happens:

No one has a better NYE in NYC than the rats:

Is the NYE outfit vibe chic or effortlessly sultry this year:

Bean Bunny, please come to my New Year’s Eve party:

BRB, muting the phrase “since last year” on Twitter:

Can’t wait to meet Harry and Sally again on Dec. 31:

It may not be a meme, but this tweet from @hideoutserim includes a pretty darn good way to start off the year:

Hit me with your best shot, 2023. I’m ready.

And that’s a wrap on 2022. See you next year, everyone (sorry — I had to).