Here's Kim Kardashian's reported reaction to EmRata and Pete Davidson dating.

Kim’s Reported Reaction To Emily & Pete Dating Is Surprising


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When it comes to her ex dating someone new, it sounds like Kim Kardashian is completely unbothered. Per Entertainment Tonight, the reality star is “trying to focus on herself” these days — so apparently she’s protecting her peace (which is probably easier to do when your ex doesn’t have an Instagram profile). All in all, Kardashian’s reaction to EmRata and Pete Davidson dating sounds v chill — especially considering she’s old friends with the model.

"Kim is not bothered by Pete and Emily's relationship and knows that things were over between her and Pete," a source claimed to ET on Nov. 22. "She just wants everyone to live their best lives and be happy."

An insider told HollywoodLife something similar on Nov. 17. “Kim has known Emily for some time and she approves of them dating each other. She thinks it is cute and she is legit happy that he found someone that is more his speed and on the same wavelength as him. They live in the same city, they are close in age, and they have worked on several projects together, including the photo shoot that they both spoke about,” a source close to Kardashian told the outlet. “She is heavily immersed in the New York City scene, just as he is. They know a lot of the same people and run in the same crowds, so Kim feels that they are a good match for each other.”

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The source continued, “Kim thinks Emily is a wonderful woman and a good mother. She admires how hardworking she is. Kim truly appreciates any woman that can balance motherhood with a career because she knows how hard it is.”

Speaking of bad*ss moms, it sounds like that’s where Kardashian is putting most of her focus. “Kim is continuing to do her best when it comes to co-parenting with Kanye. She is trying to focus on herself and her kids' happiness. She has been leaning on her very regimented and balanced work schedule, diet and fitness regimen, family routine, and more," the ET source claimed. "Her family acts as her rock and she loves engaging in anything and everything family related. Her kids are doing super well and feel taken care of across the board."

Sounds like PemRata officially has Kardashian’s stamp of approval.