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A woman uses New Year's Eve 2021 Instagram captions after her NYE party.

These 40 New Year's Eve 2021 Instagram Captions Will Get You Through To Midnight

For when you’re totally done with 2021.

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What a year it’s been. For many people, 2021 provided a chance to return to some normalcy after spending nearly a year at home. As you reflect on all that you were able to achieve this year, it’s time to look forward to even more adventures in 2022. One of the first big events of the new year is celebrating it at your very own New Year’s Eve party. Whether you’ve got plans to party with friends or get cozy on the couch, you’ll need some New Year’s Eve 2021 Instagram captions to remember it all.

For many people, 2021 truly was a big year. After the uncertainty that was 2020, many people seized the opportunity to go on trips or visit family and friends back home. When it comes to music, Olivia Rodrigo dominated with her first album, Sour, and Taylor Swift gave us all a sad girl autumn with her 10-minute version of “All Too Well.” Let’s not forget BTS’ return to the stage with their Permission To Dance concerts in LA.

Of course, there were also all the trending songs on TikTok you still can’t get out of your head even now. In fact, these will be the songs on your party playlist as you countdown to 2022. Now that you’ve got your plans set in motion, a sparkly AF outfit picked out, and some TikTok recipes for snacks, all you need are some New Year’s Eve 2021 captions to post with all your party pics. If you are planning to have a get-together at your place, you’ll need to set up a photo booth in the corner for your friends to snap cute selfies all night long. Having these 40 NYE 2021 Instagram captions ready to go will make sure you’re able to post before midnight. After all, you’re grateful for all the happy memories of 2021 and want to say a proper goodbye before you welcome in the exciting year of 2022.

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  1. “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 2022.”
  2. “Let’s see it through to 2022.”
  3. “I’m ready for the first page of 365.”
  4. “‘Thank u, next’ — me to 2021”
  5. “2021 and done.”
  6. “2021 was fun, but 2022 is new. I like new.”
  7. “I’m ready for you, 2022.”
  8. “I can’t wait to control-alt-delete 2021 and start anew.”
  9. “Here’s to 2021 — at least you were better than 2020.”
  10. “I wore sweatpants most of 2021, but I’m finally putting on my party pants.”
  11. “Oh no, 2021... it’s over.”
  12. “2021 understood the assignment, but I’m ready for 2022.”
  13. “Do you get déjà vu?” — Olivia Rodrigo, “deja vu”
  14. “‘Cause we don't need permission to dance.” — BTS, “Permission To Dance”
  15. “Thank you 2021 for giving me pesto eggs and salmon rice bowls.”
  16. “It’s gonna be a bones year.”
  17. “Like Taylor Swift, I’m red-y for 2022.”
  18. “Silenzio Bruno!” — Luca
  19. “2021 caught a vibe, but I’m ready for 2022.”
  20. “2021: The year I listened to Bo Burnham a lot.”
  21. “I got that superstar glow.” — BTS, “Butter”
  22. “Call me Billie Eilish, because I’m happier than ever that 2021 is over.”
  23. “2022 is what dreams are made of.”
  24. “2021 was so cheugy.”
  25. “The best endings always have confetti.”
  26. “Just so you know, that’s so 2021.”
  27. “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
  28. “Over here romanticizing my 2021, and looking forward to 2022.”
  29. “Remember your Spotify Wrapped starts in January.”
  30. “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.”
  31. “They say goodbyes are hard, but saying bye to 2021 is not that bad.”
  32. “Started this year with a smile and ending it with champagne.”
  33. “My vibe right now is just living life.” — Kourtney Kardashian
  34. “It’s the start of something new.” — High School Musical
  35. “Dancing into 2022 like...”
  36. “Just making sure my Spotify aura for 2022 is sparkling.”
  37. “This night is sparkling, don't you let it go.” — Taylor Swift, “Enchanted”
  38. “2022 will be here in a Prosecco.”
  39. “I’m manifesting a good year ahead.”
  40. “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” — Oprah Winfrey

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