Megan Thee Stallion's biggest projects for 2022 include new music, Coachella, TV, and film.

Megan Thee Stallion Is Branching Out From Music In 2022

Hotties can expect some major projects this year.

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2022 has barely started, but Megan Thee Stallion’s already set to have a banner year. Following the release of the Salt-N-Pepa-inspired single “Flamin’ Hottie” for her Super Bowl commercial with Frito-Lay and her first-ever performances at Coachella scheduled for this April, the "Savage” chart-topper has no plans to slow down. Megan Thee Stallion’s biggest goal for 2022 is to “give the hotties something from me they’ve never seen or heard before,” and she promises to “sweep [her fans] off of their feet” with all the new projects she has planned.

In an exclusive interview with Elite Daily, the Houston-born rapper teases that she’ll be branching out from music in 2022 (although fans can expect some bangers as well). “This year, I really wanna surprise the hotties [...] Not just in music, but in TV and film as well,” she tells Elite Daily.

While the musician has been busy slaying the charts with hit single after single, she reveals that this switch was a long time coming and something she’s been working on for a while.

“I feel like I had to lay low for a little bit so I could gather my thoughts and do everything that I need to do. Now I'm ready to pop back out and it's about to be such a big year,” she shares.

Part of that is taking part in some big firsts, including her first-ever performance at Coachella. The 26-year-old will be playing at the Indio, California festival on April 16 and April 23 under headliner Billie Eilish.

“I'm super excited by Coachella because I've never been there before, so this will be my first time, my first experience. And I'm gonna performing for the first time. So I feel like it's going to be crazy,” she says.

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The rapper admits she had a bit of imposter syndrome when she first found out that she was slated to perform for the popular music festival. “I was just like, ‘Who, me?’” she says, laughing. “Like, it's always so crazy to see where you come from and where you go. It’s just knowing that I used to be performing anywhere I could perform, like little bars and little clubs, and then they turned into bigger clubs, and then they turned into bigger stages and now we are at Coachella.”

After a brief pause, she adds, “Like, I'm just like, ‘Wow. Stay with it. Stay consistent, whatever you doing, because it will pay off.’”

While the “WAP” crooner is enjoying her success in the moment, she’s also planning ahead, including manifesting her dream music collaborations. In addition to revealing she’s open to working with Adele in the future, Megan Thee Stallion said she’s hoping the universe can make a collaboration with Rihanna happen whenever the mom-to-be heads back to the record studio.

“Everybody knows that I love, love Beyoncé, and I feel like I really manifested that collab,” she says about working with the singer on their Grammy award-winning “Savage” remix in April 2020. “Every time anybody would ask me who do you wanna collaborate with, I'd be like ‘Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé.’ And then one day it finally happened. So yeah, right now I feel like I'm still on my bus from that.”

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Laughing, she continues, “So I definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely love, love, love, love, love Rihanna. And whenever she decides to start making music again... I’m there.”

Right now, the star is focusing on her next big project, which is appearing in her first Super Bowl commercial for Flamin’ Hot on Sunday, Feb. 13 alongside Charlie Puth.

Megan Thee Stallion, who’s been open about being a longtime fan of the spicy snack, has a pro tip for anyone looking to heat up their Super Bowl snack spread ahead of the big game.

“I make my nachos using Flaming Hot Doritos,” she reveals. “I don't know if y'all been doing that, but if y'all haven’t, that's something y'all definitely need to try. ‘Cause it's that good.”

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