Happy young woman listening to music, having the best time the week of May 31, 2021.

The Week Of May 31 Will Be Rewarding For 3 Zodiac Signs

There’s so much to look forward to.

The sun is currently in Gemini, one of the most exciting seasons in all of astrology. Gemini is a zodiac sign that loves a good opportunity to show off their comedic and conversational chops. This will encourage you to embrace your charisma and enjoy the process of connecting with others intellectually. Feel free to tell your favorite jokes, regale the room with your best stories, and make so many new friends throughout the process. The zodiac signs who will have the best week of May 31, 2021 — Gemini, Cancer, and Aquarius — are definitely loving this energy the most.

For one thing, Gemini is not the only zodiac sign making a scene this week. On June 2, Venus — planet of love and friendship — will enter warm, compassionate, and protective Cancer. This will flesh out some of the more superficial connections of Gemini season and infuse them with more emotion and spirituality. With Venus in Cancer, you may even feel like truly opening up your heart.

Although Mercury is currently retrograde — spinning its usual web of confusion and uncertainty — the week also contains a moment of reassurance and stability. On June 3, the sun will trine grounded and committed Saturn, providing you with a solid foundation for personal growth and confidence building. This will only make this next gift from the cosmos taste that much sweeter, because June 3 is also when Venus will trine expansive and adventurous Jupiter, inviting an endless supply of love and abundance directly into the mix. With Jupiter in Piscesits home zodiac sign — the cosmos are already feeling incredibly lucky, and this week, they started feeling even luckier.

Here are the zodiac signs who are benefitting from the positivity the most:


Gemini: You’re Feeling Confident And More Sure Of Yourself

Embrace the lessons the cosmos are teaching you, Gemini. Right now, they’re encouraging you to start believing that life actually can be good. All you have to do is partake in the opportunities that are being presented to you. There are so many adventures that you could spearhead and there are so many books that you have yet to read. There are places you still haven’t visited and so many things you haven’t experienced. Focus on infusing your reality with more variety. You may be craving something different and you definitely deserve a change of scenery.

Cancer: You’re Embracing Abundance And Love With Open Arms

This week, your heart is filling up like a balloon, Cancer. You may be dealing with so many incredible emotions at once that you may feel like you’re about to burst. After all, Venus will enter your zodiac sign this week, making you the most attractive zodiac sign of all at the moment. People may be showing their love and appreciation for you in a more direct way, leaving you feel adored. As Venus forms a trine with Jupiter in your expansive ninth house, the world is opening up to you like an oyster. Grab the pearl at its center, Cancer.

Aquarius: You’re Learning How To Enjoy Life In A Deeper Way

Ever since Saturn entered Aquarius last year, the cosmos have been putting more pressure on you. They’ve been encouraging you to step up the plate and grow up, because you know you’re ready to be a better version of yourself. However, this week, you’re learning that the better version of yourself is also a happy version. As the sun in your creative fifth house forms a trine with Saturn, it will encourage you to add a more artistic element to your journey toward self-improvement. Don’t forget what brings you joy.