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Your Weekly Horoscope Is So Motivating, Thanks To A New Moon In Aries

You’ve *got* this.

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The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and springtime is bringing everything back to life once again. This week, you’re embracing more of what Aries season has to offer, because this cardinal fire sign is pushing you toward something incredible. Tune into your gut instinct, because it has forces you to act before self-doubt has a chance to sink in. Although your March 28, 2022 weekly horoscope is full of trials, it’s also giving you the chance to triumph.

However, as this week begins, the energy may feel more sobering and solemn. As Venus — plane of love and money — joins forces with serious Saturn on March 28, it could make you feel like you’re being forced to end the party before 9 p.m. sharp. Although the passion may feel tempered, it’s also forcing you to see your life from a more mature perspective. Relationships aren’t always bursting with fireworks, and sometimes, you have to hope and pray over a sputtering flame. Embrace the love and respect you deserve, but keep in mind that rough patches are always inevitable.

As a new moon in Aries rushes through the cosmos on April 1, you may feel catapulted toward something that inspires courage within you. Instead of letting your fear control you, let it reveal your deepest driving force. Chances are, what scares you the most may also be what exhilarates you the most.

However, as the sun joins forces with Chiron — the wounded healer — you may also struggle with some imposter syndrome along the way. Remember — life is just a game we play, so give it your best shot. Don’t get distracted by the accolades and the fanfare, because that will only get you so far. Aries believes that if you truly want something, there’s a much deeper reason that simply wanting to be the best. Let go of winning or losing, because what you’re achieving is much bigger than that.

As Mercury joins forces with sensitive Chiron on April 2, it will inspire you to talk about your fears and get it out of your system. Journal your thoughts and put it on paper. Share your feelings with people you trust. Instead of keeping everything bottled up, pour it out and set yourself free.

Here’s what each zodiac sign can expect this week:

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You may experience some pushback in a team effort this week. Coming together and embracing harmony with others isn’t always easy as it sounds, especially if there’s hidden tensions inhibiting closeness. However, now’s not the time to worry about what other people think of you, but about what *you* think about you. Embrace your authentic self, even that means admitting you’re not perfect. Self-acceptance is so much more powerful than having an overinflated sense of ego.


You may feel like you’re not receiving the recognition you feel you deserve this week. Even though you’ve been working hard, the lack of validation in your efforts may be holding you back. Instead of waiting for someone else to notice your value, take charge and pay attention to *yourself*. And while you’re at it, set aside time to nurture yourself and spend time with yourself. After all, you’re your own best friend and the person who understands your needs most of all..


This week, your relationships may feel somewhat constricting, especially if you’re not seeing eye-to-eye. Your perspective may be failing to take something into consideration, so make sure that you take a step back and consider the big picture. You’re feeling more passionate about your hopes and dreams than ever, but first, you need to start believing that anything is possible. Don’t raise your guard so high that you all the opportunities and synchronicities lining up for you.


This week, you may find yourself running in circles and repeating old patterns, especially in your relationships and in your finances. Don’t set aside your boundaries just when things start to feel comfortable, because boundaries are there to protect you when you’re not paying attention. Even if you have every reason to trust, it’s always wise to have a backup plan. At the end of the day, the only person you need in order to become successful is yourself. Believe in that self-sufficiency.

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There may be strain on your relationships this week, as though certain issues you’ve been trying to avoid can no longer be denied. It’s time to discuss the elephant in the room and acknowledge what needs work. With patience, love, and effort, all wounds are capable of healing. Try to see things from a new angle, especially if you’ve been stubborn in your mindset. Have faith in the future, even when you’re afraid of disappointment, because things are about to change for the better.


You may feel disconnected from your typical routine this week, as though the activities and rituals you normally rely on are no longer cutting it for you. Don’t expect an influx of productivity, especially if you’re bored of the process. Try something differently and remember — habits take a while to form. You’re on the verge of letting something go in exchange for something new. Embrace the fact that nothing remains the same for long when you’re growing.


This week, you may feel like the magic has been dwindling. What used to bring you joy may no longer give you that “spark”, prompting you to search for another way to express yourself. However, if you’re placing too many restrictions on yourself, there’s little room to experiment with something new. Have an open mind, especially when it comes to your relationships. You’re turning over a new leaf and embracing a new understand of how to love and be loved in return.


You may feel like something is blocking you from surrendering to love and comfort this week. Tension may arise in your home life, forcing you to tackle the emotional conflicts that have been weighing on your personal life. Treat yourself with compassion and sensitivity, because a feeling of warmth and belonging begins with self-care. Take things one step at a time, because even the biggest tasks can be broken down into bite-sized parts.

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This week, you may feel like something is blocking you from communicating directly and compassionately. Harsh words could be exchanged and the silence that follows could feel deafening. Take conversations with a grain of salt, because the intention behind your statements make all the difference. You’re learning how to show someone your heart without worrying about being judged. After all, being yourself inspires others to be themselves too.


This week, you may feel the weight of financial stress. Whether you’re worried about not having enough money or you’re gripping your purse more tightly than usual, remember that money is not finite, but always available in different forms. Open your mind to a new understand of attracting abundance into your life, because there’s enough for everyone. Make yourself feel more at home and give yourself what you need rather than continue to deprive yourself.


You may feel the weight of the world on your shoulders this week and the pressure to be perfect may feel crushing. However, no one is scrutinizing you as closely as you might think, and if you find yourself trapped in a spiral of negative self-talk, ask yourself if you would ever say such things about someone you care about. Rearrange your perspective and communicate to yourself with the compassion you deserve. Speak to yourself just as you would speak to someone you love.


This week, you may feel afraid to embrace solitude. While you have every reason to fear of being alone, you’re forgetting to consider how beautiful it can be to spend time with yourself and explore your own psyche. You might be surprised by what you find once you surrender to the experience of introspection. Let go of the confusion and the inner-conflict, because the more you set yourself free, the more you can walk the earth without fear of tripping over your steps.