Young woman wearing headphones, knowing her zodiac sign will have the best week of March 28, 2022.

This Week Will Be Intense, But These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Thriving Anyway

Anything is possible. đź’™

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Aries season in session and this cardinal fire sign is showing you that fear is no match for your bravery. If you set your mind to something, nothing in the world can hold you back from it, especially if you welcome challenges with open arms. If you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of March 28, 2022 — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — you’re achieving incredible things right now, so embrace every step of the journey.

Even though Aries season has a tendency to blow up your heart like a balloon, you may start off this week feeling somewhat deflated. After all, Venus — planet of love — is slamming against the hard-exterior of Saturn — planet of inhibition — on March 28, which could leave you feeling a bit lonely. Although it may be difficult to inspire passion in your love life and your social life at the moment, it’s also shining a light on the relationships that maintain strength during lackluster moments.

Fortunately, the energy will begin to shift by April 1, when the new moon in Aries leaves you feeling ready to blast off. Trust your instincts, because Aries doesn’t need to overanalyze the situation; it knows what it thinks about something right off the bat. Don’t think twice when you feel the urge to compete, because you’re ready to give it your best shot.

However, as the sun joins forces with wounded Chiron, this new moon may feel weighed down with emotion and self-doubt. Remember — if something wasn’t worth accomplishing, it would be easy to accomplish it. It takes guts to get to where you want to be, so don’t overthink something you know in your heart to be true. Don’t let your fear of failure prevent you from trying at all, because you know you’ll regret it if you sit on the sidelines forever.

Here’s why these zodiac signs have plenty to look forward to:

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Aries: You’re Healing Your Confidence With Self-Love And Compassion

Aries season is here and you’re leading the charge, which is exactly how you prefer it. And although you may feel sensitive about how you’re perceived this days, it’s inspired you to cultivate a form of self-love that transcends anyone else’s opinion. A new moon in Aries will replenish the sky this week, catapulting you toward your desires and inspiring you to take action in a way that reflects how much you’ve grown. Give yourself permission to take up space, because hiding who you are is antithetical to *who* you are.

Leo: You’re Embracing A Whole New Understanding Of Faith

This week, you’re taking risks and welcoming a more expansive and all-encompassing perspective of the world. However, as you embrace an open mind, you may struggle to see the difference between a mere coincidence or something far deeper. Having faith in something larger than yourself is not easy, especially when you’ve experienced letdowns and disappointments. But this week, you’re learning that faith is about believing in beauty in a world that can oftentimes be ugly, because your belief is what makes it beautiful in the first place.

Sagittarius: You’re Cooking Up A Creative Storm And Expressing Yourself

You’re tapping into your artistic instincts this week and it’s putting you in the mood to participate in the hobbies that have always brought you joy. In fact, you may even be embracing new ways to have fun, because the world is one big playground and there’s no way you’ve explored all of it yet. However, you may find it hard to lean into your passions and to let go of the fears that are holding you back from expressing yourself. Trust the universe, because you’re *this* close to unleashing something incredible.