Kim Kardashian poses by the pool after showing off Kim Kardashian's walk-in fridge.
Kim Kardashian's Walk-In Fridge Is Full Of Organization Inspo

She called it a “game-changer.”

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Almost everything the Kardashians do is Insta-worthy, and their homes are no exception with every item in its picture-perfect place. In fact, just one look at Kris Jenner’s immaculately organized dish room or Khloe Kardashian’s well-stocked pantry will make you want to completely makeover your own home. For your kitchen, grab some home decor inspo from Kim Kardashian’s walk-in fridge tour, because closets aren’t the only thing the Skims founder is walking into. Kardashian recently shared an exclusive look at her walk-in fridge for Poosh, and it looks professional AF.

Chances are you may not have a walk-in fridge at home. In fact, most people don’t, but Kim K is bougie and needs all that fresh produce for her chia seed pudding and to provide healthy snacks for her family and guests. Kardashian told Poosh that having “an industrial fridge is a game-changer,” allowing her to play the perfect host for anyone who stops by. Unsurprisingly, The Kardashians star said it’s always organized so she knows exactly where to find everything she needs..

Of course, it may not be in your budget to install a restaurant-quality refrigerator in your place, but you can get similar products for your own home organization. These products are basically Kim Kardashian home organization hacks to help you be more Insta-worthy and ready to host whatever dinner party or BFF night you may be planning.

Keep Your Fresh Produce In Baskets

The first thing you may notice when walking into Kim Kardashian’s refrigerator is all the fresh produce sitting on the top shelf. This makes it easy to see and grab the necessary ingredients for whatever recipe she’s cooking. Getting some wire baskets ($23, Amazon) of your own to keep your fruits and veggies organized on the shelves may be just what you need.

This also makes it so your produce is the first thing you see, and you’re more likely to grab it and use it for a fresh smoothie or chopped salad before it goes bad. You could even get this wire basket with a handle ($31, Amazon), so it’s like you’re shopping for your produce at the grocery store. Otherwise, this wire basket from The Container Store ($22) may be more useful with cutout handles on either side for pulling your bins in and out. It’s also stackable, so that’s a win-win.

Install Shelves For Additional Storage

If you do happen to have a walk-in fridge, investing in some metal shelves like the ones Kardashian has will be so useful. Anyone with a regular fridge can also benefit from the additional storage space. This metal shelving unit ($64, Amazon) can be like a mini pantry for small apartments, where you can store your non-perishable food items or extra dishes. With over 78,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, you know this is a beloved organization tool. One reviewer raved, “[This unit is] the best thing to happen to my pantry.”

Store Pre-Made Meals On Your Top Shelf

On the side shelves, Kardashian keeps some pre-made plant-based meals that are ready-to-eat. Since they’re right on top, they’re easy to grab, heat up, and enjoy. This is especially great for anyone as busy as Kim K, and this glass Tupperware set ($40) from Amazon comes with over 30,000 5-star reviews that say they’re easy to clean, look great, and are high quality.

Use Lazy Susans For Your Sauces And Condiments

It wouldn’t be a Kardashian home organization roundup without a Lazy Susan or two. The Kar-Jenner family seems to love this spinning storage unit, because it can be seen everywhere from Kris Jenner’s refrigerator to Kim K’s list of must-have home products. It’s also clear why these are so popular. They make it super easy to find what you’re looking for and can hold so many sauces, condiments, and snacks all in one place. This Lazy Susan from The Container Store ($30) is like the one in Kardashian’s fridge and even has two levels for all your food.

Use Baskets For Snacks As Well

The wire baskets in Kardashian’s fridge aren’t just for fresh produce; they also help to store additional food items and even extra jars and containers. This is where you normally put all your leftover items that can be an eyesore, but since they’re in neatly organized baskets, they remain Insta-worthy. You can even spot some extra containers in the back corner like these glass jars ($22, The Container Store) that can be used for spices and snacks whenever you need them.

Organize Your Fruit From Your Vegetables

To take your home organization to the next level, you can even place your fruit on one shelf and your vegetables on the other. This just makes it even easier for you to find the ingredient you’re looking for. Of course, you’ll have to decide whether to place your tomatoes in the fruit section — where they technically belong — or keep them in the veggie section.

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