Check out these home decor finds inspired by Kendall Jenner's bedroom decor.
Kendall Jenner’s Master Bedroom Is A Trendy, Serene Sanctuary

Grab her decor inspo for chill vibes.

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Kendall Jenner is all about wellness these days. Whether she’s tending to her mental health through meditation, experimenting with futuristic wellness gadgets, or sinking into her gold bathtub for some “me time,” her LA mansion is designed to be the ultimate peaceful retreat. Her house is surrounded by lush mountains, with large windows that fill the halls with sunshine, so it’s unsurprising the the interiors reflect the calm environment with natural tones and textures. She also incorporates art that glows with pink light throughout her home for cozy mood lighting when she unwinds at night. Jenner welcomed Poosh inside to photograph her master bedroom and we found tons of Kendall Jenner bedroom decor dupes to match her home’s chill vibes.

In a home tour with Architectural Digest back in 2020, Jenner introduced her bedroom, saying, “I usually come in here and meditate, chill out, zone out.” Looking at the most recent photos from Poosh, the design of her master bedroom has pretty much stayed the same. Upon entry, there’s a relaxed sitting room with plush seating and decor on one side of her double-sided fireplace, which separates the lounging area from her bed. The overall feel ties in shades of white, beige, and wood, and she displays all her favorite books, singing bowls, and crystals throughout the space so they’re at the ready when she needs a moment to decompress. Jenner’s room also features trending 2023 decor trends like rounded furniture and vintage touches, creating a space that has character while still feeling clean and minimal. If you want to replicate some of the pieces for yourself, check out these Kendall Jenner-inspired home decor finds that’ll transform your bedroom into a serene sanctuary.

Pink Neon Quote

Located above the double-sided fireplace in Jenner’s sitting room, you can see a trendy statement art piece by Tracey Emin that glows neon pink. You can create your own custom wall quote on Etsy with any phrase that sparks joy, plus it’ll make for great mood lighting at night.

Curved Sofa

A centerpiece of Jenner’s sitting area is a long white sofa that’s framed by a large plant that droops from above. Its soft color and rounded edges make it super trendy for 2023, like this modern sofa from Walmart.

Abstract Side Table

The tabletops in Jenner’s bedroom are seemingly all made of smooth stone. Check out this abstract ceramic side table from Urban Outfitters for a similar effect.

Stone Pedestal

Pictured underneath the simple floor lamp in Jenner’s bedroom is a marble pedestal with a single candle on top. The posh piece adds texture and ties in with the other natural elements around her room. This white marble option from Wayfair will give a similar vibe, and you can use it to hold a plant or stack of books.

Singing Bowl

Jenner always talks about how much she loves to meditate at home with soothing singing bowls, and these quartz crystal bowls from Etsy are just like the ones in her bedroom.

Wood Arm Chair

Sitting opposite of the couch, Jenner has two wooden armchairs with soft beige, boucle texture cushions. This dupe from Target comes in a variety of natural-neutral colors and will bring a mid-century modern touch to your space.

Minimalist Lamp

Next to Jenner’s couch in front of her window is a barely-there minimalist floor lamp that has a slim black base and hexagonal white lampshade. This lamp from Urban Outfitters is perfect for creating dim lighting for down time.