Shop these Hailey Bieber inspired kitchen decor items for a chic cooking space.
Hailey Bieber’s Kitchen Is Full Of Decor Inspo For Home Chefs

Shop these pieces inspired by Hailey's signature chic aesthetic.

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Hailey Bieber is known for her easy home recipes that go viral on TikTok, like the pizza toast or Strawberry Glaze Smoothie. On Dec. 14, she launched a “What’s In My Kitchen?” foodie series on her YouTube channel, and of course, her kitchen looks straight out of a Pinterest board. Her signature chic, clean aesthetic transfers to her cooking space with white marble accents and shiny brass touches. Cop these decor dupes inspired by Hailey Bieber’s kitchen, from the most eye-catching design elements in her kitchen.

Her first installment to the series, called “making breakfast two ways,” shows the model-influencer in a kitchen that looks surprisingly normal. She promises in the video that, “Yes, we actually are in my real kitchen in my real house, this is not a set.” Besides the luxe design elements, the Bieber kitchen still has clutter, like stacks of cookbooks, sitting appliances, and ingredients arranged along the countertops. You can tell it’s a functional kitchen on top of being a stylish space where Mrs. Biebs experiments with recipes and whips up her decadent protein pancakes on chill mornings. Here are some decor pieces inspired by Hailey Bieber’s kitchen to add to your cooking space.

Gold Frame Mirror

In the background of the Bieber kitchen, you’ll notice two gold framed mirrors with black writing on each of them reading “Got Milk?” and “The Kitchen.” This decor idea is so easy to DIY, because you can buy a real vintage mirror or this option from Amazon and add your own phrase in black washable marker.

White Marble Countertops

Bieber’s swirly white and gray marble countertop is key to the clean, bright, and modern feel of her kitchen. Grab this peel and stick marble paper to get the luxe look in a matter of minutes.

Gray Stone Soap Dish

Next to the sink behind Bieber in the video, there is a stone gray tray where she organizes her soap. The overall kitchen palette features smooth, gray decor items, and this decorative tray from Anthropologie fits the aesthetic.

White Marble Spice Rack

Above Bieber’s stove, there’s a floating white marble spice rack that ties in with the chic countertop. Check out this set of three shelves for kitchen accessory displays and storage.

Brass Sink

There are two brass sinks in Bieber’s kitchen that give a shiny, antique texture to the space. Check out Ikea for an affordable brass faucet dupe that you can match with cabinet knobs and hardware.

Clear Mug

When she demonstrated her Chocolate Espresso Protein Shake recipe, Bieber poured the cold drink into a cute see-through mug. This one from Bed Bath & Beyond is marked down to only five bucks.

Gray Nespresso Machine

Bieber continues the gray undertones in her decor with her gray Nespresso machine. Essential kitchen appliances definitely count as decor, too, and you can whip up your own chocolate protein espresso shake with this version.

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