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Kendall Jenner's wellness and mental health tips for self love.
Kendall Jenner’s Mental Health Tips Are “Higher Goddess” Energy

She even has her own well-being room.

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Kendall Jenner is famously one of the more private members of the Kar-Jenner family, but she’s breaking her silence on how she’s embracing a new wellness chapter. In The Kardashians on Hulu and in a recent podcast interview, the model — who’s been open about her struggles with social anxiety and depression in the past — shared strategies she’s learned to reduce anxiety in her day-to-day life and protect her energy. Kendall Jenner’s mental health tips include everything from techniques to support work-life balance to a TikTok trend that’s all about self-love — as well as details of a “well-being room” she has in her home.

Through validating her experiences, finding ways to de-escalate moments of anxiety, setting boundaries, and engaging with her inner child, Jenner revealed she is on a mission to level-up her wellness on all fronts and tap into her “higher goddess.”

As a guest on the On Purpose With Jay Shetty podcast, the reality star said that her self-work has also improved her relationships with other people in her life. “Me tuning into my ‘higher goddess’ also entails me being a great version of myself for other people to then experience and [learn] my tips and tools,” she said. Even if you don’t have access to your very own “well-being room” where Jenner experiments with tech wellness gadgets, like an in-home hyperbaric oxygen chamber and a red light therapy bed, there are still some wellness tips from Jenner that you can easily cop for a self-love routine revamp.

Find out how Kendall Jenner embraces her “higher goddess” with these mental health tips from her interview with Jay Shetty.

Hang Out With Yourself

Growing up, Kylie was the “social butterfly” of the sister duo, while Kendall was originally more introverted until her whirlwind career pushed her to become more social. “I just liked being to myself,” she recalled, adding “Maybe that’s the Scorpio in me.”

These days, she’s returning to that by setting aside some me-time. Jenner says she loves spending entire days alone where she can ride horses, journal, be creative, and practice self-care, and it has helped establishes lasting happiness. She said, “I’m just re-enjoying being by myself, which is really cool.”

Set Work Boundaries

It’s fulfilling to work hard at something you enjoy, but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Jenner opened up about experiencing burnout during a period of time where she said “yes” to every job opportunity that came her way. While she expressed pride that her younger self was able to execute her dreams, her nonstop schedule also left her overwhelmed, overworked, and unhappy, even though she loved her job.

“I knew that if I had gone any further, I was going to lose myself,” she said. A few years ago, Jenner made a point of creating boundaries and becoming comfortable with saying “no.” She said, “It has done wonders for me. I feel like I can show up better for myself and for the people I work with.”

Validate Your Experiences

Jenner’s family is loaded with strong characters and is famously chaotic — with a capital “K” — and the model admitted that she sometimes has to hang back instead of always keeping up. When she feels overstimulated in family settings, she practices habits that help ground her in the moment. She said, “I just like to take a second to take deep breaths in the bathroom and say to herself, ‘my feelings are valid.’” This exercise can help center your own needs within core relationships.

Say Affirmations In The Mirror

On the podcast, Jenner discussed her work with her therapist and how she embraces her “higher goddess” by saying affirmations to herself in the mirror. “Sometimes it feels weird to say good things about yourself, but I’ve also learned a lot about talking to myself and a lot about looking in the mirror and being like, ‘You’re great. You’re gorgeous. You’re amazing. You’re loyal. You’re positive.'”

It’s all about reminding yourself of the things that you and your loved ones know to be true about you. Jenner says fostering positive self-talk has been invaluable, especially when she’s constantly bombarded with false narrative about herself. The model said that she’s at a point where she no longer values external validation, which has taken some time to accomplish. “If your happiness depends on the actions of others, you’re at [the] mercy of things that you can’t control,” she said.

Love Your Inner Child

Jenner shared that in therapy, she discussed a TikTok trend from earlier this year, which it prompted screen text that said, “Anytime you speak poorly of yourself, this is who you’re talking to,” and the video cut to a cute childhood photo of the user. The sentiment is meant as a reminder to apply compassion to yourself and know that you’re just as lovable now as you were back then.

Her therapist suggested that Jenner hang an old photo of herself on her bathroom mirror as a constant visual reminder to watch how she addresses herself. She dug through photo albums and plucked a goofy photo that represents her authentic, happy self, and the simple trick made a genuine difference. She said, “I pasted it on my bathroom mirror and I talk to her. Every time I’m being mean to myself, I always look right over to her and I’m like, ‘She’s dope. I love her.’”

Find Hobbies That Bring You Joy

Jenner, who is a self-proclaimed hypochondriac, says that for her, going the extra mile for her physical health also aids her mental health. Case in point: in the finale episode of The Kardashians Season 1, Jenner gave a tour of her very expensive wellness room, which reportedly contains about $100,000 worth of tech gadgets. While she laughed about it, saying even her friends make fun of her intense passion for wellness, it’s a must for the model who says she loves “taking care of my body.”

In addition to prioritizing her physical health, Jenner also said that exploring new passions outside of her normal work, like real estate and interior design, have brought her joy by encouraging her to be more creative.

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