Kendall Jenner posted another attempt at cutting a cucumber on Instagram.

Kendall Joked She's Still Learning To Cut Cucumbers After Kylie Made Fun Of Her

Cucumber girl is back at it again.

Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

In mid-May 2022, an episode of Hulu’s new series The Kardashians showed Kendall Jenner chatting with her mom Kris Jenner. What would be a typical moment in the show, just two people catching up on some drama over a massive kitchen island, became a viral moment after Kendall attempted to “make herself a snack” — emphasis on the “attempted.” Kendall tried, and failed it seems, to cut a cucumber, placing her hands and the knife in a series of uncomfortable, unnatural positions. Ever since this moment, Kendall has made fun of herself, and even her sister Kylie Jenner has added to the comedy. Now, Kendall is doubling down on her self-deprecation. Here’s how Kendall is responding to the cucumber cutting meme now.

About two weeks after the internet-storming scene, the supermodel/reality TV star posted a photo of a cucumber and knife to her Insta story, writing “here we go again.” The photo was a tongue-in-cheek indication that Kendall is not giving up on learning how to properly cut a cucumber... and that she knows how to take a joke at her expense.

There’s no proof in the photo that she actually learned anything from the moment — the cucumber isn’t cut and the knife is on the left side of the board even though Kendall is right-handed. The world will never know if Kendall actually cut the cucumber or just staged the shot for laughs. After all, based on Kris’ pleas in the scene, Kendall could just call a chef to do it.

Although most of the response to the moment was solely to laugh at or with Kendall, depending on your perspective, viewers also called out the wild way Kris reacted to her adult daughter attempting to do a very simple kitchen task. Kris essentially begged Kendall to just call a chef and winced as she watched her daughter wield the knife. And perhaps she should be a little scared; Kendall looked close to accidentally cutting herself throughout the brief scene. Viewers were appalled that Kendall, at the big age of 26, didn’t have this necessary skill, calling to attention the immense privilege she grew up with.

Kendall’s own family won’t let her live this moment down even thousands of miles away in Italy — Kylie hopped on the bandwagon calling Kendall “cucumber girl” in a TikTok she posted from the Kravis wedding.

Despite the critiques from viewers and jabs from her family, it seems Kendall is at least happy to take the joke about her somewhat disturbing lack of a simple skill. And maybe now that she’s been made aware that cutting a cucumber would probably be a good skill to have, she could use a small sliver of her massive wealth to get a MasterClass subscription for the Gordon Ramsay knife skills class.